Cycling is a gift, one that CTC’s Cycle Champions brought to thousands of people. Patrick Trainor spoke to some of them.

Making cycling enjoyable, safe and welcoming for all is one of CTC’s core goals. To achieve it the organisation believes in reaching out to groups that seldom cycle.

In 2007, CTC Charitable Trust received a grant from the Big Lottery’s Wellbeing fund towards a programme to bring cycling activities to new and returning cyclists. The funding enabled CTC to employ 13 cycling development officers or ‘Cycle Champions’, working with community groups and partner organisations in 13 locations across England to promote cycling.

The CTC’s Cycle Champions programme particularly targeted sections of society known to have lower physical activity levels and who are less likely to choose cycling as a lifestyle or transport choice. These include groups like older people, people with disabilities, people with health issues, women and girls, and ethnic minorities.

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