Cycling from Land's End to John o' Groats (LEJOG) - the entire length of the UK - is a challenge that many thousands of people take on each year. Whether it's for your chosen charity or a personal ambition, Cycling UK's LEJOG pack will help you complete this epic ride.
John o'Groats sign by Rob Faulkner via Flickr Creative Commons
Will you do the Lejog this year?

The Cycling UK End to End pack is a detailed written guide presented on a day-by-day basis for any cyclist wishing to undertake this classic ride independently. Pack highlights include:

  • Four separate route details: a main road, fast route using busy A roads; and  the more scenic B&B, YHA routes over 14-16 days and the newly added Off-Road Route for those looking for the ultimate challenge;
  • Background information covering how to transport your cycle to and from both ends of the UK;
  • Record sheet to track your progress, allowing you to apply for a certificate/badge/T-shirt upon completion of the ride;
  • Additional list of briefing sheets available to Cycling UK members only on rides completed by other Cycling UK members;
  • Details of cycle-friendly accommodation the length of the route.
  • GPX tracks for the B&B and YHA routes are available to both members and those purchasing the pack via email [1]

How to order

The pack is FREE for Cycling UK members to download from our routes website [2] which currently requires members to login separately from our main Website using membership number and surname, alternatively please contact us by phone using the phone number provided below.

If you are not a Cycling UK member, you can purchase the pack for £12.50 for UK residents - additional postage for overseas orders. The pack is usually sent out within a couple of working days from receipt of your order.

For further advice or to order the pack, please contact us on 01483 238301.

There is also a very detailed and helpful thread on the Cycling UK forum that is very useful.  [3]

Read Julie Rand's blog of her End to End journey.  [4]