Here at CTC, we love supportive and friendly local bike shops. When things go wrong or when you need a bit of advice, local knowledgeable staff are invaluable. See which shops our CTC supporters recommend.
Support your local bike shop - many offer a CTC discount

Following on from our request in the Friday 9th March edition of Cycleclips, it is our pleasure to present the local bike shops that our CTC supporters highly recommend.

Helen Royan from Leeds had this to say about her local bike shop - Dave Rayner Cycles:            

"The owner Graham Stubbs is extremely helpful. You can ask the most 'stupid' question and get treated with the same respect as someone who knows what they are talking about. It is a family run business – all cyclists – who only want you to be happy as a cyclist. Help and advice is always available for anything from as small as buying some energy gels or bars to getting the most suitable bike for you. Nothing is too much trouble.

You might think this treatment is standard from bike shops but Graham and his family go above and beyond the realms of being a 'standard' shop. I cannot praise them highly enough. They certainly keep my interest in cycling all year round".

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Did you know that CTC friendly shops offer our supporters a discount of up to 10 per cent?

Please note: remember to check that the bike shop still offers the discount before you visit as terms and conditions may apply.

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