CTC supporter Alan Thomas gives us his account of a leisurely circuit of the Isle of Wight with fellow riders.
Tour d’ Isle of Wight
Tour d’ Isle of Wight

"I didn’t do much cycling prior to 2010, just the ride to work now and then and a one-off London-to-Cambridge charity ride, but in the spring of that year I decided to tackle the Lands End to John o’ Groats trip to celebrate retirement from work. It was a good ride and I really enjoyed it, so afterwards I joined my local ‘University of the Third Age’ cycling group and tried to keep myself vaguely fit by going on their weekly rides around the area.

"One week I happened to mention to my fellow riders that it would be nice to go for an away trip of a couple of days.

"‘Sounds good, you organise it!’ was the response which I should have foreseen.

"Oh, all right then. So a month or so later off we set to the Isle of Wight for a leisurely (well we are all retired) circuit of the island."


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