Tamina Oliver racing in Colchester
Tamina Oliver racing in Colchester

Strong Colchester performance sees Team CTC notch first points in the JHTGP tour series

Team CTC’s Lydia Boylan, Tamina Oliver and Astrid Wingler put on a fine display as the Johnson Health Tech Grand Prix Series entered its second round in Colchester on Thursday afternoon.

The trio all finished within the top half of the field as part of the second group of riders to pass the finish line in Essex, scoring seven points to put them sixth in the overall standings.

Boylan started strongly, challenging amongst the lead pack in the early goings. However a race incident around the 5th lap held her up and pushed her back towards the second section of riders including Oliver and Wingler, but team manager Steve Bailey was thoroughly pleased with the overall performance.


I was very pleased with the performance. Right now we’re not competing for individual placings on the tour but looking for a good ride and a good showing and that’s exactly what the girls gave us. We missed an opportunity there with Lydia, but these things happen - that’s racing for you.”

Steve Bailey, Manager


With this year being Team CTC’s first foray in the tour, Bailey’s expectations are grounded going into the next three stages, however he believes there is potential for some high finishes in June when the tour travels to Woking, Aylsham and Ipswich.

“It’s a new game for us as a team, and for some of the riders in terms of competing in the tour series. My expectations are to put in a good showing and to try and finish in the top half of every race – which we have managed to do so far. That's made me very happy.

"In terms of individual results, I’m hoping we can get at least two of the riders into the top five a couple of the races coming up – particularly in Woking and maybe at Aylsham.”

Team CTC’s riders were also in action prior to the race, as they played a part in the Colchester Community Ride in their role as ambassadors for women’s cycling.

Over 80 local cyclists were led round the course by CTC’s Local Development Officer for Essex Richard Monk, with CTC’s Vice Chair of Council and Councillor for East of England Martin Cockersole also present for the ride.

Both met with the ladies' team after finishing the circuit, and Bailey believes the ride was well received by all.

“I met with Richard before the ride, and I think we were all very pleased with how it went. He’s done tremendous work promoting cycling in his local area and it was brilliant to see him there helping introduce others to cycling.”

by CTC cycling correspondent Bradley Stratton