Police get on their bikes in Colchester
Police get on their bikes in Colchester

Police officers patrolling on bikes in Colchester

Essex Police has introduced a major programme of regular patrols by bicycle in Colchester, in the run up to the Tour de France hitting Essex.

Following high-profile incidents police officers have been called in to increase the patrols and police presence in Colchester.

As a result the Command team have utilised continuous and highly-visible cycle patrols, which have received a highly positive response from residents. 

Richard Monk, CTC Development officer, said, "Essex Police recognises that cycling is often the quickest and easiest way to patrol Colchester town centre and residential estates."

One officer explained that whilst cycling he made much more contact with the public than when in a car, saw more and was more visible. I also know of arrests attributable to officers pursuing criminals by bike.

The cycles have been invaluable in our response to recent events and I am glad that their presence has been well received.

Inspector Barry Atkinson
Essex Police

CTC has long pointed out that cycling is a very effective way of getting around town with the added benefits that it keeps you healthy and reduces congestion.

The Metropolitan Police use bikes as a matter of routine because it works for them and you will see elite police cyclists supporting the Tour de France when it comes to Essex next week.

Essex Police has also involved CTC the national cycling charity, in their review of road safety for cyclists and this collaboration is already having positive outcomes.

Well done Police. We look forward to seeing these initiatives extended to other towns in Essex.


Richard Monk