Blogger Toby Field also known as The Fat Cycle Rider
Toby Field

The Fat Cycle Rider tells how he lost 8st 4lb by riding to work

Toby Field only took up cycling two years ago but is now riding ten miles to work and back each day - and is now a whole lot healthier and a lean cycle rider into the bargain.

At 31 years old and almost 21 stone, Toby Field decided drastic action was necessary to save his life.  After Toby's dad died of an obesity-related heart attack at the age of 55, he didn't want to suffer the same fate so bought a bike through his company's cycle to work scheme. At first, he just put the bike in the car and drove most of the way but now he is riding the ten miles each way and feels proud of what he has achieved in a relatively short timeframe.  Luckily he had the foresight to record his amazing transformation from out of breath car commuter to lean, mean riding machine in a blog called The Fat Cycle Rider.



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