CTC's Crash Kit on iPhone
CTC launches iPhone Crash Kit

CTC launch iPhone 'Crash Kit' app

CTC, the national cycling charity, has launched an iPhone app to make it simpler to record vital details if you are involved in a cycling incident. Crashes rarely happen, but CTC's new kit is there for you, just in case.

Firstly, CTC is keen to point out that cycling helps keep people fit and that crashes are rare. In the event of an incident, however, CTC's new Crash Kit app will help you to be prepared for any legal action.

The app allows you to record all necessary information about the incident, including: witness contact details; third party contact and vehicle details; weather conditions; photos of the scene; equipment damage; any injuries; and the time, date and location via GPS.

You can then send the report directly to CTC’s solicitors, Slater & Gordon Lawyers.

The app is free to download and can also be used to record incidents you witness, but are not involved in. View the app on the itunes store

The Crash Kit is a valuable tool for a cyclist who has been involved in a crash. It captures key information and will minimise the risk of essential evidence getting lost."

Paul Kitson, claimant personal injury specialist at Slater & Gordon Lawyers

The app has been developed in conjunction with CTC’s Road Justice campaign, which aims to make road conditions safer by urging the justice system to take a tougher approach to bad driving. We want to see improvements to roads policing including thorough investigations of all road traffic collisions involving injury and death; better charging and prosecution decisions; and sentences that reflect the severity of an offence and discourage bad driving.

The app has already been reviewed by the New Law Journal, which said this type of reporting system will provide solicitors with “fresher and more structured information than may otherwise be the case.” This will, in turn, assist cyclists in getting access to compensation and justice if they are able to provide robust and accurate evidence.

An app for Android phones is in development and will be released early in the new year.

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