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Southwood Woodlands, Rushmoor is popular with cyclists and walkers

CTC-friendly Rushmoor Cycle Forum gathers the opinions of local election candidates

The Rushmoor Cycle Forum (RCF), which works closely with CTC, has recently drawn up a survey which they will be submitting to local election candidates, to evaluate where they sit in regards to their cycle-friendly campaigning.

The RCF, an affiliate of CTC, has officially launched its local ‘Space for Cycling’ campaign. The campaign targets local election candidates and asks them to commit to Space for Cycling by assessing where they stand on key issues related to cycling in their ward.

The forum has produced a survey (see attached) which will be delivered to those running in the May 2014 elections. Some candidates running for control of each of the 13 wards of Rushmoor council, will be asked to indicate whether they would back specific cycle-friendly schemes planned within their ward. For instance, candidates for the West Heath Ward, are asked whether or not they would support improvements that would offer a safe route for cyclists at Prospect Road bridge. 

Several of the topics of interest align with the CTC coordinated national Space for Cycling campaign with both CTC and those of the cycle forum looking to gain 20 mph speed limit in residential areas. 

If you have any comments relating to the survey, you can ask them on the Rushmoor Cycle Forum.  

Rushmoor Cycle Forum is open to individuals who have an interest in promoting all forms of cycling in the Borough of Rushmoor and with its adjoining neighbours. Membership is a varied cross-section of Rushmoor residents/employees, who are linked by a desire to facilitate the use of bikes for recreation and as a means of transport, the RCF has the following beliefs -

  • UK’s elected representatives have a key role in the campaigning process.
  • Provisions for cycling shouldn’t be specific to any type of cyclist
  • Improvements to cycling conditions don’t just benefit cyclists
Rushmoor Councillor Survey 201460 KB