Bike Week 2015 #BikeWeekUK
Bike Week You Gov Survey suggests over 14 million could cycle to work

Commuter gripes could be solved by Bike Week

Our latest YouGov survey found that almost half of Britain’s commuters live within an ‘easily cycle-able’ distance from their workplace (0-5 miles away). If they aren't already enjoying a ride to work, research suggests millions more commuters would feel much better for making the switch to cycling.

CTC's latest YouGov research found that almost half of Britain’s commuting adults live within five miles of their workplace (47%).

Regularly mentioned gripes amongst non-cycling commuters were:

  • Traffic and inconsiderate drivers: “Cars blocking junctions after the lights have changed”.
  • Buses not turning up: “Buses do not keep to schedule and often arrive in packs”.
  • Train cancellations and the rise and rise of rail fares: “Trains being cancelled or delayed, not getting a seat but having to pay £15.00 a day to get to work”.

Our latest research makes a really a compelling case for cycling. It is easy to start your day on time, less burdened by traffic jams, and with money still in your pocket ready for a hearty lunch break – the answer is cycling to work.”

Jonathan Sharpe, Bike Week Coordinator at CTC

Whilst those polled who are already cycling to work shared other commuters’ annoyance at the condition of the roads (potholes etc.) and inconsiderate road users, 27% of those who cycle to work said that nothing frustrated them about their commute.

Bike Week is set to get half a million people into the saddle this year. This latest research commissioned by CTC suggests that future Bike Week initiatives could reach into the millions. To find out more on how to beat the bustle by bike, you can join the half a million taking part in Bike Week 2015.