Cyclists on Lambeth Bridge, London
Cyclists on Lambeth Bridge, London

Walking and Cycling coalition makes public statement

CTC joins a coalition of cycling and walking partners to support an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill that would create a long term financial commitment and strategy for cycling and walking in England.

The Infrastructure Bill, which will dictate the future direction and spending commitments for infrastructure once it becomes an Act, is nearing its conclusion. CTC, along with a number of leading transport groups, is demanding a change from the old ways of looking at transport infrastructure, as set out in the following statement:

Coalition Statement

"One of the most important bills going through Parliament this year is approaching its conclusion. The Infrastructure Bill proposes a five year Roads Investment Strategy, but currently makes no similar commitment to long-term funding to vitally increase cycling and walking.

"It is not without irony that this falls so soon after the latest 12 year study from Cambridge University found that inactivity is killing twice as many people as obesity. This is combined with the fact that inactivity costs the UK economy £20 billion every year, with one in six deaths linked to physical inactivity. We must act now and make cycling and walking easier to do every day.

"This is why we are supporting an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill to include a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy – to provide the long-term commitment to funding that is so desperately needed to increase levels of cycling and walking for the health of our nation. We urge as many people to write to their MP as possible this week to ask them to put their name to this important amendment and help turn the tide of physical inactivity.

"Our coalition supporting this amendment to the Infrastructure Bill is comprised of leading organisations in this area. Together we represent countless members of the public who are all clamouring for a Bill that reflects the importance of walking and cycling in the 21st century."

SustransCampaign for Better Transport; Campaign to Protect Rural England; CTC, the National Cycling Charity; Living Streets; British Cycling 

This amendment, if successfully adopted, has the potential to create a legally binding commitment on Government to invest in the long term future of cycling and walking in England."

Sam Jones
CTC Campaigns and Communications 

With increasing cross-party support for this amendment, now is the time to publicise its potential to all MPs and call on them to show their support by signing up to the amendment and speaking in its favour when it is debated in the House of Commons next Monday (26 January 2015).

CTC now asks all members, supporters and campaigners to help create a future where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the benefits and pleasures of cycling and walking.

Please write to your MP now!