Councillor Martin Biermann (from Basingstoke Observer)
Councillor Martin Biermann (from Basingstoke Observer)

New Mayor of Basingstoke shuns chaffeur limo for bike

Cllr Martin Biermann was recently voted in as the Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane Council, but has announced he would no longer use a chaffeur, instead declaring he would use a bicycle to attend engagements.

Unfortunately some of his fellow councillors criticised him, suggesting that travelling by bicycle undermined the status of Mayor. Councillor Biermann told the Basingstoke Observer that he was saving money and making a green statement. When travelling to more distant locations he will use trains or an electric car provided for free by a local resident.

What I am intending to do is lead by example, and go to as many events by bike, or train"

Councillor Biermann, the new Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane

The cost of chaffeuring the previous Mayor in 2010/2011 - a wheelchair user who needed the use of a car - amounted to £39,751.10.

Leadership and commitment to cycling is vital for ensuring that warm words often spoken about cycling are turned into action.

Basingstoke is one of the

six towns which CTC is working with to promote cycling through running rides, cycle training and other activities. We hope that Councillor Biermann will be able to attend some of these events in his capacity as a cycling Mayor.


Chris Peck