Summer of Cycling
Two cyclists looking upwards

It is the 'Summer of Cycling'

Imagine if every cyclist persuaded just one friend to take up cycling! Summer of Cycling, which CTC is supporting, is asking cyclists to name a friend and pledge to get them cycling this summer.

CTC's campaign ‘Safety in Numbers’ back in 2009 highlighted how cycling gets safer the more cyclists there are. That is why CTC would love to see cycling levels in the UK double this summer.

Summer of Cycling was launched by the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group earlier this year and it brings together CTC, the Bicycle Association and 22 other cycling organisations.

The Summer of Cycling is a national campaign running between March and October 2012, aiming to encourage more people to cycle. 

Cyclists are being asked to pledge to get one other person to ride a bike. The idea is to encourage everyone with an interest in cycling to share the fun and introduce just one friend, neighbour, colleague or family member to cycling.

To find out more watch this video:

Victoria Hazael