Wide, well designed cycle track in The Hague
Wide, well designed cycle track in The Hague

What does CTC's membership think about infrastructure?

In April CTC ran a survey of attitudes of cyclists towards road design and infrastructure. A report on the survey has now been published and reveals a broad consensus behind improving design standards of cycle facilities.

CTC is currently reviewing all its policies. On the fraught topic of cycle infrastructure and road design CTC decided to elicit cyclists’ views on the matter to inform the development of a new policy.

The survey gathered comments and measured attitudes to statements on the subject of cycle infrastructure and transport planning for cyclists. 1,130 people responded to the survey, mostly members of CTC.

Support for the statements of policy was extremely strong, with most people welcoming a commitment to promoting high quality design of cycle facilities in certain circumstances.

Respondents were offered a set of conditions that CTC suggested be met before implementation of cycle tracks. These include cyclists having priority over turning traffic, adequate width and a high standard of maintenance. Support for these conditions was very high, with 88-95% of respondents saying that these were very or quite important.

In addition to gauging people’s views on a set of statements and conditions, the survey also offered respondents the opportunity to make their own comments.

Around half of the respondents made suggestions, 28% of which referred to the need for better quality cycle facilities, 18% suggested that driver behaviour needed improving, 16% stated strong support for segregated facilities. A further 10% felt that the right to cycle on the road network must be retained if facilities are built, and another 10% referred to the need for better maintenance of roads and paths.

The results suggest that although CTC’s proposed policy line is strongly supported, there remain opposing currents of opinion within the cycling community.

The small proportion of non-members who took part in the survey appear much more enthusiastic about segregation, whereas members tended to be either sceptical or understood the need for segregation, but wanted to ensure that design standards of such facilities are high.

CTC will need to weigh up the benefits from providing stronger support to segregation despite the risk that this may undermine conditions for existing cyclists. The strongest message is that the existing quality of cycle facilities is of considerable concern for all road users and CTC must prioritise their improvement.

The survey will inform CTC’s formal revised policy which will be examined by CTC’s Council over the coming months. To read the full report please download it below.

Chris Peck
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