All ability cyclists take to the track in Reading
All ability cyclists take to the track in Reading

Everybody Active - safe cycling sessions for adults with disabilities in Reading

Everybody Active is a cycling session run each week on a Wednesday. The sessions provide the opportunity for adults with disabilities to cycle in a safe environment.

Since the launch of the Everybody Active cycling sessions, we have seen numbers of attendees increase and already we have ten regular participants who turn up whatever the weather.

The sessions have been such a success that there are now two every Wednesday between 10am and 12pm at Palmer Park, Reading.

David Griffiths has been with us from the start and says: "Ever since my accident I haven't been able to get out on my regular bike. The launch of  Everybody Active has allowed me to ride a freewheeled trike and I'm loving it! My balance issues are a thing of the past. I'm hoping to purchase my own adapted bike soon and I'll be out with my CTC friends again. Thanks!"

Javed Saddique