Kevin hands over protest letters
Kevin hands over protest letters

What impact would taking posties off bikes have?

As part of our campaign to keep posties on bikes, CTC has asked Royal Mail what impact they have assessed the programme to replace bikes with vans and trolleys will have.

Our questions for Royal Mail:

  • Road safety: this plan would have dire implications for road safety by replacing cycles with vans. As the number of vehicles increases, our roads become more dangerous for all road users.  Royal Mail is legally obligated to protect the health and safety not just of its workers, but of the general public. Has Royal Mail assessed the safety impacts of increasing its motorised fleet at the expense of bicycles?
  • Environment: in order for the Government to meet its commitments to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, it must take steps to address the emissions from road transport. As an organisation owned largely by the government, Royal Mail should be committed to working towards that goal, and replacing bicycles with vans will not help. Has Royal Mail assessed the environmental impact?
  • The Government's Active Travel Strategy: increasing cycling safety is a goal of the Government’s Active Travel Strategy, which government bodies such as Royal Mail should uphold. It is possible that the Government may change, but the commitments of these policies are so important to our nation's future that they will likely stay. Has Royal Mail assessed the health impacts upon its workforce?
  • A more productive workforce: cycling is a highly efficient method of transport, being cheap and faster than most alternatives. Regular cyclists have also been found to take fewer days in sickness absence than their colleagues. Has Royal Mail assessed the effects on productivity?
Chris Peck