Secure cycle parking at Leiden station
Secure cycle parking at Leiden station

CTC welcomes 'Better Rail Stations' vision for cycle-rail integration

In November 2009, Chris Green and Sir Peter Hall reported their findings on the state of England's rail stations to the then Secretary of State for Transport, Lord Adonis. Included within this were several very helpful recommendations on cycle-rail integration at stations.

Besides cash to revive the ten worst stations, CTC was pleased to see that a dedicated fund of £14 million was provided for cycle parking and ten 'Cycle Hubs' (offering cycle hire, repair services and secure parking) with the first appearing in Leeds as Cyclepoint - now up and running.

The report recommended that in future 'Cycle Hubs' be installed at all 91 of the biggest UK railway stations. An example of a good 'Cycle Hub' is this image (right) of the secure storage and repair centre at Leiden in the Netherlands.

Another of the recommendations gave minimum standards for cycle parking at railway stations at 5% of the daily passenger level. This is a welcome and sensible suggestion, but many stations fall well below this level - with only a few major stations (Oxford and Cambridge) meeting it. Yet cycling levels in Oxford and Cambridge are much higher than the average and cycle parking at these stations is under extreme pressure. CTC suggests that in locations with high cycling, stations need to cater to the potential demand rather than limit parking levels to the 5% standard.

The Better Rail Stations report is available to download.


Chris Peck