Introduction to managing your group publicity page

The group home page is where you create a unique publicity page for your club, with all the relevant information on rides, contacts and how to join.

Who can edit my group publicity page?

This can be done by either the 'group manager' or 'group administrators'. A group has only one group manager but can have many group administrators.

Who is the group manager?

When we set up a new publicity page for a group, the group manager is our principal contact for the group (typically the group Secretary). However, this can be changed so please contact the membership team if you want to do so or email

How can I allow other people to edit my group publicity page?

1) Log in to to the website.

2) Go to the publicity page of your group.

3) Click on 'Subscribers List' in the sidebar.

4) You will be taken to a page called 'Members of [group name]', which shows all of the subscribers to your group and those that are group administrators.

5) Is the member's username shown in the list? If it is, please continue, otherwise see 'When the member's username is not shown' below.

6) Click on 'Admin: Create' against the relevant username.

7) On the next page, click 'Confirm'.

8) If successful, you will see a confirmation message on the subscribers list page in a yellow box underneath the page title.

9) The member will now be a group administrator and an email will automatically be sent to tell them that this has happened.


When the member's username is not shown

1) Please click on the 'Add members' tab.

2) In the box called 'List of users', enter the username of the member you wish to add , then click on 'Add users'.

3) If successful, you will see a confirmation message in a yellow box underneath the page title.

4) Now, click on the 'List' tab and return to Step 6 above.

Do you wish to change the group manager?

Contact the Cycling UK Membership Team and request the change. Please provide the following information: the group name, the current group manager's username and the new group manager's username.


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