How to register an Event

An Event is an occasional ride such as a rally or Tourist Competition event that is open to both Cycling UK members and the general public and includes social activities such as conferences. It is also for events with more than one activity or ride.

First, it's important to know the difference between a Ride and Event. The information below will help you differentiate between the two.

1) Go to your group homepage e.g. Southampton & Romsey  - you can find all groups on the Local Groups homepage.

2) Click on the Create a Ride or Event link in the sidebar menu.

3) When this loads, select either Ride or Event depending on what you're creating. Choose Ride for regular group rides or socials such as club runs or AGMs. Choose Event for rides open to both Cycling UK members and the public and also Tourist Competition events.

4) On the next page, you will be presented with a form that needs to be completed for your Ride or Event.

The following fields are the minimum that we require you to complete for an Event:

  • Name, for example, "Hungerford Hurrah & Hooray Audax's"
  • From date, for example, "02/02/2014"
  • Type, for example, a "Local Group Event"
  • Under the "Rides and activites" tab:
    • Name of this ride or activity, for example, "Hungerford Hooray Audax 140 km"
    • Date and time, for example, "02/02/2014" and "09:00"
    • Type, for example, "Road ride"
  • Location, town and postcode - see below for more detailed information
  • Contact name, for example, "Robin Smith"

More detailed information about specific fields:

Rides and activities
With an event you can add multiple rides or activities. For example, it is ideal for creating a rally Event that consists of several rides, meetings and dinners, such as the York Rally. At least 1 ride or activity needs to be created, and you can add more by clicking on the "Add more rides or activities" button at the bottom of the page.

Main Image
You can upload an image or photo from your computer that will show on the Event page. The image needs to be at least 374 pixels wide and 250 pixels high and a maximum of 1000 pixels wide and 1000 pixels high.

Unsure about the size of your image? Use the Free Online Picture Resizing Tool to find out the size of your image and resize it.

A risk assessment for this Event has been completed
This checkbox has been provided as a reminder that all Cycling UK cycling Events need to have a written risk assessment before commencing. Note, that this information does not show on the Event page itself. 

Setting an Event as cancelled will add a message to the Event page saying that this Event has been cancelled. The Event will still be available in the events listing.

Location is a required field and can be completed by entering the location for the Event (a postcode or place name) into the "Search for an address" box (see #1 on the picture below). It is an auto-complete box, and so when you are typing you will be offered suggestions for the location you are looking for. When you see the correct location suggested underneath the box, please click on it. The map will then zoom to that location and the Town and Postcode boxes underneath the map (see #2 on the picture below) will also be completed.

An example of the location field being used to find CTC head office
An example of the location field being used to find Cycling UK's head office

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