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CTC Derby & Burton, a cycling club for cycle touring and leisure rides in the Derby and Burton upon Trent areas and a Member Group of CTC the National Cycling Charity.  We’re the club that likes to go places, we run up to five rides  a week, each one different, with scenic routes, interesting destinations and the best cafe stops.  Please visit our website, the rides lists, the ride reports and the photos, we hope it all gives you an idea of what riding with the local Cyclists’ Touring Club is like. This is what the Derby and Burton groups have been doing since 1924, whatever else has changed since then, we believe the simple pleasure of being out for a bike ride with a friendly group remains the same, it’s what we enjoy, it’s what we do.  If this sounds like your kind of cycling, come ride with us.

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  • Performance road rides
  • Leisure and touring rides
  • Family rides

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Ian Hill – 01283223581
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We're always pleased to hear from old and new riders interested in joining us and we'll do our best to answer any queries. More contact information is on our website.

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Information about the group rides: 

CTC Derby and Burton is made up of two groups who both organise their own ride programs.  Both run Sunday rides throughout the year, there’s a Thursday daytime ride from Derby that also runs throughout the year and during the Summer months a Wednesday evening pub ride from Burton.  Some rides and events are jointly run and we organise some tours and weekends away.  The modern CTC evolved from The Cyclist’ Touring Club and although some of the aims and objectives have changed over the decades, the purpose of the rides remains the same – simply to ride somewhere interesting, on pleasant routes, in good company, with a cafe stop or two.  Distances vary from 20 mile winter and evening rides, to long Summer ones that can last all day, though riders are always welcome to come for part of the ride. Speeds also vary depending on several factors,  to give some idea the riding average is usually between 10 – 14 mph, the rides are social and keep together whatever the speed.  Most rides are on road or well surfaced tracks, those that aren’t will say so in the program.  Our members ride a wide variety of bikes, if it’s comfortable and roadworthy, it’s suitable for our rides.  As part of the National CTC, all members are welcome on any of our rides.  None members are also very welcome to come along on a few rides to see if they’d like to join.

  • Patron: Her Majesty The Queen
  • President: Jon Snow
  • Chief Executive: Paul Tuohy
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