Forming Cycle Campaigning Groups

The old saying 'strength in numbers' is an old saying for a reason. Find out some good tips on how to get others involved with your campaign - its simpler than you may think!

Forming a Group

Are you sick of cycling around on substandard road conditions? Are you tired of feeling like a second class road user? Do you want to see good quality Space for Cycling in your area? Well you can rest assured that you are not alone!

All over the country, cycle campaign groups have formed to make Space for Cycling happen in their area and have been extremely effective!

Cycle groups bring like-minded individuals together, providing much-needed support and enthusiasm, potential income, continuity and an increased legitimacy as a formal organisation. Having a group to share the workload keeps everyone's energy levels up, and enables the sharing of ideas and strategies. 

Setting up a group may seem like a daunting task but Cycling UK are on hand to make it as simple as possible.  

To form a group, you’ll need an initial open meeting to get people involved. Cycling UK can help with this. In fact all you need to do is find a local suitable venue (pub, council room, sports hall) and make a booking for an evening, preferably on a weekday after 6pm, when people are likely to be free.

Email us and let us know the details around a month beforehand, we will email all our members in the area to make sure people come along.

If you’re a member or you affiliate your group to Cycling UK before this meeting, you can also list the event on our events page, the largest cycle event listing in the UK. 

Once you have a meeting set up, its time to start thinking about the next steps. 

First impressions for the potential campaigners joining your group can be very important, so a well organised, friendly and structured meeting is essential.
If you have a small group of core members, it is essential to have aims, although this may come later once you have recruited a hub of people.
It is good to have an identity as a campaigns group, so time to get creative...
So you have objectives, a name, a logo but not a group. How then do you recruit one?
Once you have set up a campaigns group, you may find that not everyone is a Cycling UK member. The group and the individuals may still receive support and advice from the Cycling UK campaigns department, however, by becoming an affiliated campaigns group.
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