Cyclist wait at junction
Road safety and cycling: Overview Campaigning Views
'More' as well as 'safer' cycling can and should go hand-in-hand.
Busy road
Driver training, testing and licensing Campaigning Views
Many drivers also cycle, but those who don’t may not know what kind of driving behaviour puts cyclists at risk, or makes them feel unsafe. Making cycle awareness integral to the driver training and testing process would help tackle this.
Family Cycling in Paris. Picture flckr L.Urquiza
Why should cyclists support Road Safety Week 2015? Blog
As Road Safety Week goes green with a 'drive less, live more' theme for 2015, CTC's Duncan Dollimore asks is it time to take a broader approach to cycling and road safety campaigning with a cycle to improve safety message?
Cycle conference, Campaigners
CTC announces conference speaker line up News
CTC announces the first names of the speaker line-up to enthuse local cycle campaigners at this year's annual CTC Cyclenation Conference in Liverpool on Saturday 24 October.
Cycle commuter off to work
England's travel habits: is cycling making a small comeback? News
From a cycling perspective, the latest figures on England’s travel habits suggest a small revival in cycle trips may be underway, even though overall travel is declining. The average person made more cycle trips in 2014 than in 2013, as well as cycling more miles.
Cyclist outside the Royal Courts of Justice
CTC urges action on cycle safety as casualty rates rise News
New figures show that cyclist casualty numbers, particularly serious cyclist casualties, are still rising more steeply than cycle use.
The risk of serious cycle injuries is increasing: Space for Cycling needed Blog
With the Government's long-overdue 'Cycling and Walking Delivery Plan' still awaited, new Government figures show that, however you measure it, the risk of serious cycle injuries is increasing. The Government must act urgently to reverse this trend.
Legend for the map below
All 19,000 cycle casualties in 2013, mapped News
The following map shows where each of the cycle casualties reported to police in 2013 occurred, including the age and sex of the cyclist and driver, the time, date, location and manoeuvres of each vehicle.
The DfT's THINK! campaign
The THINK! campaign for bikes is relaunched - CTC assesses its impact Blog
Running in some of the cities that received money for cycling recently, the THINK! campaign follows the now usual 'give and take' message that equates cyclists and drivers as similar sources of danger, both of which need to 'play their part'. However, the messages it sends out are largely sensible.
Gordon Seabright, Chris Boardman and Roger Geffen
CTC urges MPs to demand action and funding to ‘Get Britain Cycling’ News
CTC, the national cycling charity, has urged MPs to demand leadership, commitment to quality cycling conditions, and funding of at least £10 per person annually, to ‘Get Britain Cycling’ when giving evidence at today’s Commons Transport Select Committee inquiry on cycle safety.
Cycle use has increased markedly in the last 2 years, according to the DfT
Cycle use up 8% in 2012 – average Briton travels 53 miles per year News
New figures from the Department for Transport show that for the second year in a row, cycle use appears to have increased sharply.
Cycle infrastructure in Vienna is well marked, but often shared with pedestrians
Velo-City 2013 - the 5 best presentations Blog
CTC's Chris Peck attended and spoke at the biggest cycling advocacy conference in Vienna in June 2013. Here is his own presentation, and the pick of the crop from other sessions.
Only a small proportion of people ever ride a bike
Over half of Britons think roads are too dangerous, and only 33% ride a bike News
Statistics published from the 2012 British Social Attitudes survey show that the public is very concerned about cycle safety, and only a third ever ride a bike.
Newer cars (left) are almost 3 times safer for occupants than older ones
Fewer drivers killed but cycle serious injuries and deaths up in 2012: complacency over road safety? Blog
Cycle serious casualties up 5% in 2012 against the previous year, the 8th consecutive year of increase, exceeding the background growth in cycling. Meanwhile pedestrian casualties have also started to rise, while those for car occupants are falling. What's happening?
TfL's new Road Safety Action Plan has been published
London takes a step towards risk-based approach to road safety News
A new road safety plan for the next 7 years has been launched for London. CTC was critical of earlier drafts for failing to include the means to measure the risks of cycling, rather than simply the number of people seriously injured or killed.
20 mph is one of the easiest ways to improve safety for all road users
Second 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry session deals with cycle safety News
After discussing the strategy for cycling in the first week, the second session of the Parliamentary 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry, on the 30th January, was a more detailed examination of cycle safety issues.
Young and middle aged men show the biggest increase
Surge in cycle use in 2011 News
Cycle use increased by 15% in 2011, according to new data from the Department for Transport. This contradicts earlier figures that had seemed to suggest static cycling levels last year. Growth was particularly strong among young and middle-aged men.
Lord Berkeley is Secretary to the APPCG and Vice-President of CTC
The Lords debate cycling... and it doesn't descend into abuse! Blog
Normally, each time the House of Lords holds a short debate on cycling, up get a troop of seasoned peers to condemn the behaviour of cyclists. But yesterday's debate was refreshingly light on anti-cyclist drivel and strong on good policy.
The BBC's 'War on Britain's Roads'
War on Britain’s roads: myth or reality? Blog
Ahead of BBC1's documentary 'The War on Britain's Roads', CTC's Roger Geffen previews the programme and urges cyclists to provide feedback. He asks you to listen out for the claim that "reported incidents [..are..] on the rise", and tell us what "incidents" you think they are referring to.
The Government's response to the Select Committee inquiry
Government's response to Select Committee branded 'feeble' by CTC News
CTC is urging Ministers to show much stronger leadership on encouraging more and safer cycling, after a lamentably weak response to the Commons Transport Select Committee’s inquiry earlier this year on road safety.
Who is getting injured, and how?
Detailed 2011 casualty figures reveal areas for concern Blog
The detailed data for the 2011 casualty figures have been published by the Department for Transport, revealing where the worrying rise in casualties - first announced earlier in the year - is happening, and to whom.
Cycle counter on the Camel Trail, Cornwall (photo CTC, © Dep't for Transport)
EU-wide comparison shows GB has poor cycle use and cyclist safety, but we measure this superbly! Blog
A new EU-wide comparison of cyclists' safety shows that Britain is among the top countries for measuring cycling . Now we need to make much better use of this information to substantially boost cycle use and improve cyclists' safety.
Tackling major roads and junctions as well as road user behaviour is required
CTC says latest road safety figures are a wake-up call to Government News
New quarterly road casualty figures reinforce the bad news of other similar figures from recent months, not just for cyclists but for motorcyclists and pedestrians too. However, without quarterly data on cycle use, the change in level of risk is unknown.
Cyclists have clear priority at this junction in Copenhagen
Mixed messages for cycle safety in London Blog
Transport for London's announcement of plans to complete 50 cycle-friendly junction improvements by the end of 2013 (including ten by the end of 2012) is very welcome. However, the Mayor's draft road safety strategy, launched the same day, is itself very much in need of a "cycle-friendly redesign".
The Government has shown little leadership on 20 mph zones and limits
Government inaction on road safety costing lives Blog
The Transport Select Committee report into road safety comes just a week after new guidance on setting local speed limits showed feeble leadership from Government. Where local authorities aren't performing, stronger direction is required from central Government to ensure road safety improves.
CTC President Jon Snow
Road safety inquiry highlights lack of Government leadership on cycling News
A report from the Transport Select Committee has criticised the Government over the handling of cycle safety. The report emerged following evidence given by CTC and CTC's President Jon Snow earlier in the year.
The Ministry of Justice produces statistics on offences and sentencing
Collapse in prosecution of bad driving Blog
The number of prosecutions for motoring offences in magistrates courts has fallen dramatically in the last ten years in all but three police force areas. Chris Peck looks in more detail at some of the numbers.
Cycle serious injuries have been rising as fast as cycle use in recent years
"16% increase in serious injuries" - so what's happening? Blog
A closer analysis of cycle casualty data suggests one possible explanation lies in the weather in 2010. Unfortunately, determining risk without good data on cycle use continues to be problematic.
Riders on the Magnificat sportive negotiate a gravelly, blind bend
'Safety in numbers' - how it works at a micro level Blog
As near on 1,000 riders on the Magnificat sportive passed by at the weekend, I witnessed a great demonstration of safety in numbers - on a micro-level. The presence of those cyclists had a profound effect on driver behaviour.
Summer of Cycling
It is the 'Summer of Cycling' News
Imagine if every cyclist persuaded just one friend to take up cycling! Summer of Cycling, which CTC is supporting, is asking cyclists to name a friend and pledge to get them cycling this summer.
Apparently lots of cyclists means 'cycle unfriendly' according to new research
More cyclists = bad news, suggests silly press release Blog
According to a new 'study' put together by a PR company, the fewer cyclists there are the more 'cycle friendly' a town is. This is exactly the thinking that has held back cycling for so long.
Cycling in Guildford
Cycling UK local campaigner gets a newspaper on-side Case Study
What should you do if your local newspaper publishes an anti-cycling article?
CTC President Jon Snow
Jon Snow and Josie Dew at the Transport Select Committee News
President and Vice-President of CTC respectively, Jon Snow and Josie Dew appeared alongside editor of The Times, James Harding, whose 'Cities fit for cycling' campaign has triggered a shift in political support for cycling. Two ministers with responsibility for cycling also gave evidence.
A police officer carries out roadside checks but probably not on cyclists
Alcohol and the law - which road users are worst? Blog
Drunken cycling is an offence and a very bad idea. But is it much of a road safety problem? Police enforce some traffic laws, but seldom drunk cycling. CTC examined data for 5 years to see how many fatalities involve alcohol and cycling in this country.
A graph showing who is to blame - cyclist or driver?
Who's to blame in crashes between cyclists and motorists? Blog
Columnists in the tabloids - and sometimes the quality press as well - often blame cyclists for crashes with motor vehicles. Figures obtained from the Department for Transport reveal that cyclists - especially adults - generally aren't to blame and, in fact, more often the driver is.
Commuting cyclists in a group
Cycle trains - a good way to encourage people to commute by bike News
Cyclists in Stirlingshire, Scotland have formed a bike train from Dunblane station to Stirling University as a way of encouraging more people to use sustainable transport and reduce the number of car journeys.
Bikes outside parliament
Success! The Government are now measuring perceptions of safety News
Instead of measuring numbers of injuries and deaths to cyclists, CTC believes Government should measure risk to cyclists and the perception of safety. The Department for Transport has now agreed to measure against both indicators. This will give a clearer picture about changes to cycle safety.
CTC gives evidence to Select Committee inquiry into road safety
CTC gives evidence to Select Committee inquiry into road safety News
The House of Commons Transport Select Committee scrutinises the Department for Transport's spending and policy decisions. Following the launch of a new policy on road safety the Select Committee chose that topic to investigate.
The debating chamber of Westminster Hall was packed for the debate on cycling
Will the transport secretary turn the cycling debate into action? News
After a hugely positive debate on cycling in the House of Commons, CTC has called on Transport Secretary Justine Greening MP to support an action plan for ‘more and safer cycling’.
Cities fit for cycling logo
'Cities fit for cycling' - a bit of a backlash? Blog
The Times' campaign to improve safety was widely welcomed and many have come out in support, but criticism of the aims and execution was inevitable. CTC's main concern is that the campaign doesn't acknowledge the health benefits of cycling.
Safety in Numbers
Cycle casualty numbers not reducing fast enough Press Release
CTC, the national cycling charity, is concerned that the annual number of cyclist casualties does not appear to be reducing, even though the number of cycling trips remains similar to the levels seen during 2009.
Safety in Numbers image
Government’s new road safety strategy offers a mixed picture for cyclists Press Release
CTC has welcomed key elements of the Government's new Strategic Framework for Road Safety. However, proposals to improve standards of driving risk being undermined by cuts to police numbers.
Jon Snow, Kevin Mayne, Roger Geffen and Gwyn Prosser MP
Safety in Numbers campaign launched in Parliament News
CTC President and Channel 4 broadcaster Jon Snow launched CTC’s Safety in Numbers campaign in Parliament.
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