Maria Eagle endorsed the Cities fit for cycling campaign
Maria Eagle endorsed the Cities fit for cycling campaign

Labour promises push on cycling

Maria Eagle MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, has endorsed the Times manifesto on cycling and promised to implement its demands in full. The statement follows last week's commitment at the Liberal Democrat conference calling for widespread 20 mph speed limits.

At the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, Maria Eagle MP spoke to delegates setting out her views on high speed rail, bus reform and active travel. 

She congratulated the Times on its 'Cities fit for cycling' campaign, and demanded the Government implement its manifesto in full. 

In particular she argued for a proportion of the roads budget to be set aside to build separated cycle-ways, redesigned junctions and advanced green lights for cyclists.

She also argued for improvements to be made at railway stations and on trains to accommodate cyclists. 

The Shadow Secretary suggested that England should learn the lessons from Wales where the Active Travel Bill will force local authorities to prioritise new routes for walking and cycling. 

Local authorities would also be supported to roll out 20 mph speed limits in residential areas, a statement that comes after last week's Liberal Democrat Conference resolved that 20 mph should be the normal speed limit on residential roads.

CTC welcomes this statement of intent by the Labour Party, in particular the promise to reserve the budget from the Highways Agency to tackle hazardous junctions and provide infrastructure on the busiest roads.

So far the Government has committed £30m this year to improving junctions for cyclists in London, England and Wales, but this will be barely sufficient for more than a few dozen of the worst locations - yet the Times received over 10,000 nominations for poor junctions in need of work earlier in the year.

Chris Peck