Man in suit riding to work
The government is keen to promote a cycling workforce

Government backs initiative to encourage cycling to work

With the roads getting ever more clogged with motorised traffic and the population getting fatter, the government is keen to encourage employees to cycle to work. Businesses that want to encourage it too can now sign up to 'businesscycle', a scheme that replaces the Cycle to Work Guarantee.

businesscycle  is a resource that employers can access to encourage more of their staff to ride bikes to the workplace. There will be various benefits on offer such as discounts on cycle parking, as well as advice and information on best practice. Membership is free for any organisations that wish to participate.

The good news for employees is that it seems as though the government's Cycle to Work scheme, which gives access to bikes and equipment at a discounted price, is not in danger of being scrapped - for the foreseeable future at least.


Julie Rand