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This is a more informal aspect of the welfare role, and may be carried out informally and sometimes subconsciously by other members of the club. However, occasionally more specific issues may arise which may need to be dealt with more formally. CTC needs to conform to current legislation and show accountability within its groups and National Office in order to provide a duty of care to members. This new process will support those people providing welfare support informally through recognition and a process for their role. The following steps should be followed where a welfare issue arises. Step 1. Attempt to resolve the issue informally if possible. Take advice from the group committee where necessary. Example: A group road ride takes a last minute detour across a short muddy bridleway. One of the riders is on his new and very clean bike, follows the ride leader, and gets muddy. The rider then complains to the secretary of the group that the detour wasn’t planned and shouldn’t have happened. The welfare officer speaks to the rider and diffuses the situation, explaining that it was a spontaneous decision, not intended to cause upset, and that the rider could have raised the issue when the detour was announced. Step 2. If the issue cannot be resolved informally, call a committee meeting to discuss the issue and present a formal response on behalf of the group. Step 3. If step 2 does not resolve the issue, the issue should be treated as a complaint under the CTC Complaints Procedure at CTC local group level -  HYPERLINK "http://www.ctc.org.uk/DesktopDefault.aspx?TabID=3655" http://www.ctc.org.uk/DesktopDefault.aspx?TabID=3655 or from the home page, click on ‘About CTC’ then ‘What is CTC’ then ‘CTC Governance Policy & Rules’. Step 4. If the issue still cannot be resolved, the complaint should be addressed to the Directors of CTC with details of actions taken. The following reporting form should be used where issues cannot be resolved at the informal stage, and should be filed with the group records. CTC Group: _________________________________ Welfare Officer: _________________________ First Party Name: _____________________________ CTC member Y/N Date: ______________ Second Party Name (if applicable): _______________________CTC member Y/N Third Party Name (if applicable): _________________________CTC member Y/N       Description of issue: Continue on a separate sheet as necessary Actions taken to resolve the issue: Continue on a separate sheet if necessary  6 { | ї ј : C z “ Ѓ   q Ў є ‹Œ#$fgѕэтѕоЭПЭАЄА•А•А•А•‰•А}‰j[E+jh( EhŸМCJOJQJU^Jh( EhŸМCJOJQJ^J%jh( EhŸМCJOJQJU^Jhe/jCJOJQJ^JhŸМCJOJQJ^Jh( Eh( ECJOJQJ^Jh( ECJOJQJ^Jh( Ehe/jCJOJQJ^Jhe/jCJOJQJ^JaJ he/jhe/jCJOJQJ^JaJhe/jhe/jhe/jCJaJhe/jCJaJhe/jhVйCJaJ И 7 | я  є Œzо'qstuvwxyz{§§іііііііііёёщххххххххххххЄx$a$gd˜vдgdW>pЄxgde/j…’_§§§ghœž 2hk‹ш&789N^_oryzьльЬНБЂ–Ђ–Ђ‰|o|b^ZV^RV^V^RZhЦxh˜vдhVйh|_hW>p5CJOJQJ^Jhб}5CJOJQJ^Jh1uє5CJOJQJ^JhZ-5CJOJQJ^JhˆažCJOJQJ^Jh( Ehe/jCJOJQJ^JhŸМCJOJQJ^Jh( EhˆažCJOJQJ^JhˆažhˆažCJOJQJ^J h( EhŸМ0JCJOJQJ^J%jh( EhŸМCJOJQJU^Jz…›ЉЛЩжинхцыяџ&'G[bpqr{|€„…ђхихихђихђЫђЫхиђхЫОиОБ˜‹t‹i\LhCHnhCHn5CJOJQJ^JhCHn5CJOJQJ^JhЮDD5OJQJ^J-jh1uє5OJQJU^JmHnHtH uhVй5CJOJQJ^J1jhVй5CJOJQJU^JmHnHsH uh“FЙ5CJOJQJ^Jh;S—CJOJQJ\^Jh“FЙCJOJQJ\^JhЦxCJOJQJ\^JhVйCJOJQJ\^Jh|_CJOJQJ\^J{}~€‚ƒ…‡ˆŠ‹Ž‘’ХЦЧШЩЪЫЬЭЮЯаћћћћћћћћљљљљљљљљљљљљљљљљљљљљљЄx…†ˆ‰‹ŒŽ’ІУФгдзю%&'23їѓїѓїѓїѓцйЬйПйЏŸ•‘tgZMh1uє5CJOJQJaJhЦx5CJOJQJaJh“FЙ5CJOJQJaJh‘'’5CJOJQJaJh“FЙh“FЙ5CJOJQJaJhVйhVй6CJ\]hVй6CJOJQJ\]^Jh“FЙ6CJOJQJ\]^JhVй5CJOJQJ^JhVйCJOJQJ\^JhVй5CJOJQJ^Jh˜vд5CJOJQJ^Jhю зjhю зUабвгде'()*+,-./0123]^_`§§§§§ј§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§№ы§чЄxgd“FЙ$a$gdЦx$a$3]^_`яычзhCHnhCHn5CJOJQJ^JhVйhCHnhЦxhЦx6CJOJQJaJ6&P 1h:pЦxАƒ. 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