Gaining Confidence Riding in Traffic

Really using your bike, whether to commute, for leisure or just to get a pint of milk from the local shop is a great way to save money on fuel, time and to set yourself up fresh for the day.

Riding with Traffic

a) Remember that you are part of the traffic.  Think about acting like a car, although you have much more visibility being higher up.  Move with the traffic and take up the place of a car at key features like traffic lights and roundabouts.

b) Stay clear of the gutter.  Position yourself in the road, particularly where the lane might be narrow, to help drivers appreciate that you are traffic too.  This also helps keep you clear of the drains and potholes.

c) Anticipate what is coming up, and what others are doing.  Keep you head up and look around as well as using your ears.  This means you will have a smooth and calm ride.

Use eye contact with drivers.  This breaks down barriers very effectively, helps drivers see you as a 'real person' and ensures that you know that they know that you are there!

d) Be confident and you will feel confident, and others around you will see that too.

e) Have a warm feeling inside from helping reduce congestion problems and carbon footprint as well as being a little fitter and a little bit healthier.

Mountain bike skills training will help make you more confident off-road.