Cycle styles - how to get the most out of your ride

Different kinds of bike suit different kinds of riding
Cycle styles - different kinds of bike suit different kinds of riding (Credit:boguslaw_mazur/
Style means how a cycle is optimised to make it most suitable for a certain type of cycling, from a bike designed to carry loads to downhill mountain bikes for thrills and spills. Use Cycling UK's handy guide to work out which style is best for you.

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In This Section:

City bike
It's what we used to call a roadster, brought up-to-date with better brakes and so on. The city bike differs from a hybrid or trekking bike in having enclosed hub gears and possibly hub brakes too so the bike doesn't need so much maintenance.
A folding bike
A bike that folds, or quickly separates into compact pieces, is great for combining cycling with trains, planes, boats or indeed automobiles - or a lack of storage space at home.
Hybrid bike
This sturdy mongrel of a bike-with-no-name is a mixture of the things most people find handy about other, more specialised - and less versatile - varieties of bicycle.
Mountain bike
Mountain bikes can literally open up horizons. They can be ridden pretty much anywhere there and with a range of styles and a choice of equipment to suit every style and budget, they will always be popular.
Trekking Bike
This variant adds to the basic hybrid all the accessories you'd otherwise have to buy separately in order to do something useful with it – something useful like ride to work or the shops or go touring.
Audax Bikes
Touring bikes transcend the usual parameters by combining trekking bike practicality with racing bike performance.
2012 Vitus Sean Kelly Road Bike
Nowadays often called a 'road bike', these are becoming more popular as people take to cycling for fitness – since going fast encourages you to work harder and that’s what racing bikes are about.

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