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Inclusive Cycling Directry entries on the UK map

CTC Inclusive Cycling Directory

As part of its work to promote inclusive cycling, CTC has produced an on-line UK-wide directory of cycles and facilities for people who have special needs due to disability or illness.

If you want to know what opportunities there are for inclusive cycling in your area, CTC is here to help.

Centres which provide access to adapted or specialised bikes/trikes/tandems etc. are now accessible via a UK map on the Inclusive Cycling page of CTC’s website. The directory is aimed at individuals, carers and group organisers who are planning inclusive cycling activities.

Use the directory via the map on the Inclusive Cycling Page

Some facilities are off-road in a safe environment suitable for groups, others may be centres offering adaptive MTB in technical terrain. One example is Charlotte's Tandems, a nation-wide charity that loans tandems to people with a disability, and another is Watchtree Wheelers which has range of specialist bikes for hire at the Watchtree nature reserve in Cumbria. In Battersea Park, London you can find side-by-side trikes, recumbents, duet wheelchair tandems, tandems and tricycles provided by Wandsworth council.

The directory entry, attached to each point on the map, provides key information about the facility, such as the types of cycle available and who it's suitable for, plus the contact information you'll need to follow-up. Each entry is also dated, so you know when it was last confirmed.

You can now explore the map and find facilities near you. If you know of a project which provides an inclusive cycling opportunity that isn't on the map, please contact Nigel Williams. CTC does not charge providers to have an entry in the directory.

Nigel Williams