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Commuter Tutor

Do you want to encourage cycling to work? CTC's Commuter Tutor is a fun, interactive way to give your employees the skills and confidence to ride to work.
Key Content: 

CTC's Commuter Tutor course is an especially formulated cycle training course that is designed to deliver high quality training to your workplace. CTC uses specially trained and accredited instructors to deliver the skills to enable employees to cycle confidently to work.

The course uses the interactive effect of a small group to teach cycling skills. The course is designed to fit in with your place of work, so will deal with immediate environmental issues that are specific to the site's location and the lifestyle of the participants.

Key Content

This practical course gives participants the real experience of cycling to work, but with the support of the instructor. Starting in an off-road environment, the instructor will assess the trainees' ability and plan training to suit them, moving to increasingly  busy and complex road conditions.

What next?

After the course, CTC can offer advice on:

  1. The type of bike best suited to your journey
  2. Recommendations on servicing
  3. Regular Dr Bike sessions
  4. Local support networks/resources available. This might be the local authority, local businesses, cycling support groups, and maps
  5. How to carry luggage
  6. Routes and the route network
  7. CTC and British Cycling
  8. Riding in different types of weather
  9. How the organisation might benefit from more cycling to work
  10. What the organisation might do to further encourage cycling

Some participants may want to take up further 1-to-1 training. CTC can help you with this.

If you are interested in hosting a Commuter Tutor course at your place of work, please contact CTC's Education and Development department on 0844 736 8460.


3 hours
On road
You need to be able to ride a bike
5 or 6
CTC certified trainer

Course outcomes

Course outcomes: 
  1. Understand the reasons for cycling and how it makes commuting enjoyable and practical
  2. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the bike, understand which bikes are appropriate for commuting and how to keep yours safe
  3. Demonstrate sufficient bike handling skills to enable you to go onto the road
  4. Understand reasons for road positioning
  5. Understand the rights of a cyclist
  6. Demonstrate good road positioning
  7. Understand how to deal with high traffic levels and appropriate strategies to deal with it
  8. Demonstrate appropriate road positioning in high levels of traffic and advanced road features.


Please contact the Courses & Training Helpline to find out if this course is available for booking: 01483 238 337

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