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National Standard Instructor Trainer

This is a DfT required course for people who wish to become instructor trainers. It is also an excellent course for advanced instructors and mentors giving you greater skills to deliver and mentor Bikeability.
Key Content: 
  • Structure for the delivery and management of the National Standard
  • Risk Management and Assessment
  • Teaching Techniques and Trainee Assessment
  • Mentoring
  • Practical Delivery of NSI Course Units
  • Post Course Assessment
  • Getting the best out of your group
  • Administration

DfT required route to becoming a National Standards Instructor Trainer

  1. A two day NSIT course
  2. Work for an accredited Instructor Training |organisation
  3. Attend the ITO's orientation process

CTC's orientation process

The CTC has developed an orientation process for all its tutor training courses which takes the following route:

  1. A CTC tutor observes your training delivery
  2. A three day CTC NSIT / orientation course
  3. Observe an NSI course
  4. Deliver on an NSI course
  5. Be assessed delivering an NSI course

Each stage of this process is assessed and reviewed in partnership with the tutor and the trainee.

CTC delivers the two-day NSIT course and the one-day CTC orientation course as a package, but we can deliver the two-day course on its own for those planning to work outside CTC.

The CTC will deliver external two-day NSIT courses on demand.


3 days
Classroom & on-road

Course outcomes

Course outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive provisional accreditation as a National Standard Instructor Trainer (NSIT). In order to complete the accreditation process to become a fully qualified NSIT, the candidate will have to fulfil CTC's qualifiaction process and assist the delivery of three NSI courses in partnership with CTC.

Please note that an individual cannot become an instructor trainer without working for an accredited Instructor Training Organisation.




Please contact the Courses & Training Helpline to find out if this course is available for booking: 01483 238 337

What you need


Participants will be experienced instructors who have been judged capable of becoming instructor trainers by their employer or training body. This means that all the candidates should have a considerable degree of prior knowledge. The NSIT course is designed to give participants as much time as possible to demonstrate their capabilities.

In order to become an accredited instructor trainer you must:

  1. Operate out of an accredited Instructor Training Organisation (ITO)
  2. Be an accredited National Standards / Bikeability instructor
  3. Have delivered at least 100 hours Level 2 training and some Level 3 training

In order to become a CTC Instructor trainer you will need to:

  1. Fulfil the above requirements
  2. Fit into the CTC delivery ethos
  3. Go through CTC employment procedures
  4. Participate successfully in the CTC Orientation process
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