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CTC Trainer Award
The CTC Trainer Award is the way for you to be able to teach and develop others skills by providing some of CTC's courses and qualifications.
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CTC Trainer course within the Trainer schemeA modular system enables the Trainer to be flexible around your experiences and desires. The course is made up of a single 'modern CTC teaching practice' course to start with, then a choice of 4 orientation modules which you take to deliver your choice of maintenance, Young Leader, Ride Supporter or National Standard Cycle Instructor courses.

Each course is a single day in length, and for convenience, many are run on consecutive days.

Where you are a CTC Trainer providing, for example, maintenance courses and want to go on to provide the Young Leader Award too, then you simply take the Young Leader orientation.


1 day on modern CTC teaching practice plus 1 day for each of the courses you wish to deliver.
Appropriate for the course you are providing. Maintenance courses are in classrooms or workshops. The Young Leader may be on Road, Trail or Technical terrain, and the Ride Supporter and National Standards Instructor are based on road and traffic free environments.
Integrated training and assessment course. The National Standards Instructor requires further experience, observation and assessment in delivering National Standard courses

Course outcomes

Course outcomes: 

Holding the CTC Trainer qualification enables you to provide one or all of:

High demand and the desire for CTC courses to be provided from within an organisation (or in-house), as well as the value the public puts on CTC's products and services, has resulted in the development of the CTC Trainer course.


Please contact the Courses & Training Helpline to find out if this course is available for booking: 01483 238 337

What you need


Your experience and qualifications will be appropriate to the course you wish to deliver in line with the needs of the safety, environment and teaching requirements.

Module Minimum Pre-requisites
Modern educational practice Evidence of teaching, assessing and learning provision over at least 20 sessions
Maintenance Cytech Level 2 or
Equivalent skill and experience as demonstrated during a days assessment by CTC
Young Leader Technical Mountain Bike Leader Award
Ride Supporter Technical Mountain Bike Leader Award or
National Standard Instructor and appropriate teaching experience
National Standard (Bikeability) Instructor National Standard Instructor and an additional evidence of teaching, assessing and learning provision with adults for an additional 20 session

In order to achieve the CTC Trainer Award, you will need to:

  • Demonstrate competence at all elements of the CTC Trainer Assessment Criteria
  • Show you have a learning ethos that marries to that of CTC's modern educational practice
  • Maintain appropriate provision in associated teaching requirements, for example first aid, CRB, working with young people, insurance

Where these elements are not sufficiently demonstrated during your orientation course, further assessment at additional cost will be required.

What next?


Once you have become a CTC Trainer, you have the potential to be able to go on to:

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