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Fleet Management

Fleet hire bikes lined up outside Dalby Bike Barn
Its imperative to get the management of your bike fleet right
Where you are managing equipment provision, this course covers how to set up and develop the protocols and processes to ensure that your bikes remain safe and that you are able to fulfill and exceed statutory requirements.
Key Content: 

This course is a bespoke look at all the provision and mechanisms for you and your organisation with an on-site visit and support from the experts in cycle hire, use and legal fulfilment.  This course runs at your venue as a Private Course and considers all aspects of delivering hire or activity use equipment, including bikes, helmets, group leader's kit and other equipment.

We will also work closely with you to look at your flows - equipment movement, people movement and paperwork movement - ensuring that you have an individual plan and process from your building layout through staff training to relevant paperwork and auditing systems that work.

This course is ideal for hire centres, activity providers and loan agents, and covers:

  • Why are protocols required? - legislation and you with overall responsibility for safety
  • Awards and approvals - external competency mechanisms
  • Essential principles of operation for equipment provision
  • How to develop an appropriate and workable record-keeping system
  • Equipment checks - on leaving, on returning and in depth
  • Maintaining records and the audit trail
  • Building layout so your equipment is secure yet easily accessible prior to and after use
  • Quarantining and separation of unserviceable equipment - the space and work area requirements
  • Comparison of your existing provision - what might need to change and how

This course is designed for those with overall responsibility for equipment maintenance, such as managers. It can be used by those involved in undertaking bike maintenance but supports their systems development knowledge and understanding rather than the skills in maintenance itself.

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1 day

Course outcomes

Course outcomes: 

The course will:

  • Generate new, or modify the existing, processes and protocols to be used by your staff on an individually tailored basis.
  • Produce systems that will suit your staff, work areas, equipment and future needs.
  • Enable you to gain the insight and skills to be able to adapt the system in light of future changes or needs.

As this course is provided at your venue, your existing systems are considered and reviewed in the light of current requirements, with consultative direction provided by the tutor.



Please contact the Courses & Training Helpline to find out if this course is available for booking: 01483 238 337

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You will be working at a location where several bikes and associated equipment are used, potentially by a variety of users over time. Classic locations include bike hire facilities, outdoor centres, bike shops running loan schemes and other activity providers.

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