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As part of every course, we carefully and independently review what we do, and how we perform. These testimonials are voluntarily and anonymously contributed as part of those reviews.

This page comprises testimonials and trainees comments from the following courses:

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Trail Leader

“Absolutely loved this course.  Instructor was top notch.  Could do it again!”

Smiling trainees at the Belfast Activity Centre Trail Leader course


Belfast Activity Centre with Noel MaGuire, June 2013.

“A fantastic course and well delivered by tutor.”  “Brilliant – thank you!”  Stubby Lee, Bacup with Nigel Cole, August 2013.

Thank you once again for organising and getting me a place on the trail leader course and the Go MTB course. They were both excellent and exceeded my expectations. Both tutors were superb and the other course members were an absolute delight to be with, supportive and in the case of the two military mountain bikers inspirational to see how they have overcome their injuries.  I have learned loads.  Thank you once again.  Stubby Lee, Bacup with Nigel Cole and Bob Campbell, August 2013.

“A demanding but enjoyable and informative course.”  Dalby Bike Barn with Mark Neenan, July 2013.

"Really informative- learnt a lot.  Enthusiastic and motivational presentation style.  Outstanding leadership shown.  Really great to go in the local area.  Really enjoyed the course."  Weymouth College with Nigel Cole, June 2013.

"An excellent course, relevant to my role and delivered to a very high standard."  Camp Suisse (Switzerland) with Pete Coddington, June 2013.

“Much better than expected.  I thought we’d be riding only very easy trails and I’d get bored – far from it!  I was challenged and stretched technically, which helped me identify my limitations.  The venue was warm, friendly and accommodating. Perfect!  Thank you.” 

Sunshine in Swizerland


Dales Bike Centre with Nigel Cole, April 2013.





“Great course, very enjoyable and packed full of stuff to learn over the two days.  The leader has great communication skills and was very professional – 10/10.”  Dalby Bike Barn, with Phill Stasiw, March 2013.

"Really highlighted the difference between a teacher and an enthusiast.  Sally was always very clear with instructions.  Multiple ways to communicate a message; aural, visual and kinaesthetic.  Worked for all types of learning... three days thoroughly well spent.  Thank you!" 


Specialized Bikes, with Sally and Phil Berry, December 2012.





“Found the course excellent and fun, also informative.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the course tutor had to be replaced – both tutors excellent and dealt with the situation very impressively and professionally.  Thank you again, and I would highly recommend the course and location to friends, family and colleagues.”  Dales Mountain Biking with Sam Cook and Stu Price, July 2012.

“An excellent course and tutor.  I really enjoyed it and found it very useful and look forward to doing the next level.”


Pixies Holt, with Sally Berry, May 2012.




Technical Leader

“Well structured course.  Very experienced instructor who delivers guiding and instructing on a day-to-day basis.  Fantastic location for classroom and outdoor instruction.  Technical route ideal for Technical Leader qualification.”

Getting onto the moors at Staylittle


Dalby Bike Barn, with Andy Swann, April 2013.




“Great trails / route…  Exceeded my expectations of the terrain and enjoyment of the course.”  Dalby Bike Barn, with Andy Swann, April 2013.

“Mark Neenan has been an awesome instructor this weekend.  Thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much.  Every penny has been well spent in doing this course.”


Pixies Holt, with Mark Neenan, May 2012.






Ride Supporter

“Gave me confidence with a group.  The best thing is the mixture of practical and theory.  Tutors very enthusiastic and positive.”

Maldon Community Centre with Richard Monk, May 2013.

“Practical riding helps make things clear.”  Experienced tutor, knew the subject well and passed on his experiences.”  “The best thing about the course was the practical ride which built effectively on the theory.”  Rawcliffe Bar, York with Andy Swann, June 2013.

“Really practical, concisely delivered and friendly, approachable tutors.  Can’t think of any areas for improvement.”  Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, Leeds with Ginny Leonard, November 2012.


Ride Manager

“Very practical.  Supportive learning environment.  Would recommend to others.”


Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, Leeds with Ginny Leonard, November 2012.


“Practical skills / games were great for ice breakers.  Enjoyed rides as could put theory into practice.”


Chichester District Council with Phil Berry, May 2012.




Bike Tour Leader

“Course was excellent.  Dan and Olly were really friendly and knowledgeable.” 


Exodus travel, South India with Dan Cook and Olly Townsend, April 3013.


“Very useful training.  The tutors were the very very best.  It was worthwhile and knowledgeable all the way.”   Exodus Travel, South India with Dan Cook and Olly Townsend, April 3013.

“The best thing abut this course was the knowledge of the teacher and how they gave us the best advice for each moment.  I will manage in a safer and better way with groups from now on.  Now I have a procedure to organise my work.”


Exodus Travel, Cuba with Dan Cook and Olly Townsend, September 2012.





“The more you know about cycling leaders' job (role), the fewer the possibilities of accident and incident.”  Exodus Travel, Cuba with Dan Cook and Olly Townsend, September 2012.

“It was all fantastic!”




Exodus Travel, Cuba with Dan Cook and Olly Townsend, September 2012.



Trailside / Roadside Maintenance

“Excellent use of time and highly appropriate and useful course content with plenty of practical activity.  Well presented.  Thank you.”


Bikespace Plymouth with Gareth Thomas, May 2013.

Just to say a huge thank you for last weeks bike course. I wasn't particularly looking forward to it but felt it was something I had to do, however I loved it! I now feel empowered and ready to tackle our motley collection of bikes that await Finn and I. You were an excellent teacher and just the right pace and level for me.  I will recommend you to anyone interested.  Bikespace Plymouth with Gareth Thomas, Sept 2013.

“The whole course was very informative – nothing negative to say about it.”  “Flexibility of course content excellent.”  “The best thing about the course were the hints and tips that were practical and easy to implement.”  “Excellent course and covered far more than I thought possible.  Andy was an excellent tutor.  Thanks.”  Dalby Bike Barn with Andy Swann, July 2013.

“Very well structured and delivered.  Highly knowledgeable tutor.  Well organised allowing content to be covered and delegate queries about more specific / personal bike issues.”  “Clear and concise instructions – very well delivered.”  Bikespace Plymouth with Gareth Thomas, July 2013.

“A good level of basic knowledge was provided, was everything I was expecting and more.  Could not think of any areas to improve.”  Bikespace Plymouth with Gareth Thomas, May 2013.

“All of this knowledge is invaluable for me.” 


Bikespace Plymouth with Gareth Thomas, May 2013.


“Excellent – plenty of space to work in and equipment to use.”  Bikespace Plymouth with Gareth Thomas, July 2012.

“Approach of tutor spot on for the group.”


Bikespace Plymouth with Gareth Thomas, July 2012.



Advanced Maintenance

“An excellent and very well structured course.” Velo with Graham Clark, July 2013.

"Friendly, knowledgeable tutor.”


Bikespace Plymouth with Gareth Thomas, February 2013.



Fleet Maintenance

“Very friendly relaxed environment.  Very interesting, kept me engaged, an effective way of teaching.  Really enjoyed it.”


Velo Store, with Graham Clark, January 2013.


“Comprehensive coverage of the important / essential aspects of maintenance and fleet management.”


Velo Store, with Graham Clark, January 2013.



Maintenance Suite

“The best thing was the flexibility of the tutor to cover what we needed and to account for the different abilities of my staff.”


Rutland Cycling with Phil Berry, June 2013.

“Well-paced, clear and hands on – can’t think of any improvement needed.” “Suited my needs perfectly.” “Thanks for all the new knowledge.”  Dalby Bike Barn with Mike Hawtin and Andy Swann, July 2013.

“Well presented and everything explained clearly.  All exactly as I needed.  Great to talk bikes and see method first hand.  Nothing to improve but do continue these courses…”  Dalby Bike Barn, with Phil and Sally Berry, June 2013.

“Friendly instructors willing to explain in more detail any questions raised, without rushing.  Everyone made welcome.”


Dalby Bike Barn, with Phil and Sally Berry, June 2013.



“Tutors were very welcoming and friendly.  They had an amazing degree of knowledge and fantastic teaching skills.  Dalby Bike Barn, with Phil and Sally Berry, June 2013.

Technical Maintenance


“Loved the mix of practical and theory, the more practical the better, especially with wheel building.”  “The best thing about the course was the in depth look at disc brakes and wheelbuilding.  Course improvement is not applicable.”  “The best thing about the course was the tailoring of the course to our needs.”  Bikespace Plymouth with Gareth Thomas, June 2013.


CTC Trainer: Maintenance

“Really good tutor, in-depth knowledge, and created an excellent learning environment.”


Chilterns Project with Sally Berry, June 2013.



“The best thing was the tutor.  She was engaging and helpful and extremely well prepared.”  Chilterns Project with Sally Berry, June 2013.

“Good breakdown of teaching methods.  Good tutor.  Good venue.”


One Planet Adventure, with Andy Swann, April 2013.



Go MTB Orientation

“Great well structured course with very approachable tutor.”


Forest of Dean with Bob Campbell, August 2012.

“  The best thing about the course was the break down and explanation of how to  deliver the sessions, which was clear and concise.  I have learned how to transfer practical skills over to a group in an interesting and correct fashion.”   “I have gained more confidence in speaking in front of people – my delivery has improved.”   “A really good course to attend.  I would definitely suggest colleagues attend this course.  It was very challenging at times… a thoroughly enjoyable day.”  Stubby Lee, Bacup with Bob Campbell, August 2013.






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