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CTC's courses make you jump for joy!
Principles. Ethos. Mindset. Ideology. Whatever you call it, it is CTC's backbone. And our ethos is all about you. We maintain our beliefs based on modern educational practice, on being learner focused and on providing you with the skills, experience and tools to fulfil your role properly.

We know from our own extensive experiences as well as multitudes of others, not only what is needed to be known and understood, but crucially how this is best applied too, no matter what the circumstance and environment, if it is associated with cycling, we can help you achieve it, and achieve it well.

It's not just us who believe this but others too, based on what people say about our courses and the feedback we receive.  You can also see more on who we are, our background and vast experience.

Some of the other excellent reasons you should choose CTC include:

CTC are specialists

Here at CTC, we are clear about what we know, and we understand what we know well.  If you want to learn something that is bike related, you won't find a better place.  With over 45 courses, you will also find one that meets your needs.




CTC has a clear price policy

When you book a course with CTC, there is just one price to pay.  This might seem relatively expensive compared with some other courses until you realise that this payment is all there is. CTC has:

  • no registration fee;
  • no charge for course resources;
  • no payment to return for a separate assessment;
  • no requirement for annual membership.

We believe that our membership offer stands on it own as a valuable resource, but it isn't a requirement to attend a course  to continue to hold your qualification.

CTC courses are acknowledged and approved across the UK and beyond

Across all organisations in the UK, CTC's courses are recognised as providing what you need to know and ensure that you understand and are able to implement these principles.  CTC courses are approved as fit for purpose by:

  • Local authorities
  • Employers and activity providers
  • Insurance providers
  • Health and Safety Executive (AALs) who oversee the safe provision of adventure activities
  • SkillsActive who represent employers and qualification providers within the Outdoors sector
  • Institute for Outdoor Learning

Many organisations who work across the globe also use CTC qualifications to ensure their staff competencies for delivery in areas as diverse as India, Canada, Cuba, Egypt and many areas of Europe.

Great venues

We have a select group of venues distributed all over the UK that we are able to use for our public courses.  These have great facilities as well as ideal riding to suit.  Find your preferred venue.

Or if you have a group and a suitable venue, we can come to you to run a private course.


How we help you learn and achieve

Our courses are dynamic and specialised, with our instructors shaping your course around your requirements, improving your knowledge throughout. CTC's courses:

  • are developmental; you will be building on your knowledge in a user-friendly, easy to understand environment;
  • provide you with the skills and qualifications you actually need;
  • will leave you with the key components to take what you have learnt forward and keep developing your knowledge and skills out in the world;
  • are guided and reflective; we help you assess your own strengths and weaknesses both now and into the future, and we can develop your skills together.

We use cutting edge educational principles to speed your learning

Since the inception (1996) of the course structure that now forms the basis of CTC's education programme, we use:

  • innovative techniques that suit the environment we all use;
  • specialist learning principles to meet the wide variety of learning styles that you as learners have;
  • frameworks that mean timescales and budgets that are achievable for you;
  • best practice in adult learning (in fact we have created best practice in several areas).

What is more, our course delivery never stands still.  We use a continual feedback loop and implement tested improvements to the way we deliver, which means that you get the very best service available.

CTC are well-established and experienced

As an organisation we were there at the outset and have generated industry best practice policy in mountain bike and road leading and instruction from the beginning.

And CTC have been doing this for a long time. Originated in 1878, CTC also spawned the creation of organisations like the AA.  CTC enabled access to bridleways in the 1960s.  Essentially, CTC has been fundamental in enabling cyclists and mountain bikers use roads and tracks since the birth of cycling itself.

More recently:

  • CTC's Leader Awards were created in direct response to their being no appropriate qualifications for mountain bike leaders at the time of the The Activity Centres (Young Persons' Safety) Act (1995) coming into force.
  • CTC were key stakeholders in the development of Bikeability National Standards in 2003-6
  • During its existence, CTC Chief Exec Kevin Mayne held the position of Training Specialist on the board of Cycling England.

Pathway choices for your specialisation and diversification

CTC's course structure enables you to head off in a specialist direction, or to diversify very easily from core elements.  This is a worldwide recognised principle that is actually extremely rare in the UK, but what it means to you is that once you have the fundamental principles proved (for example as a Trail Leader), you can head into further leading, skills instruction or tutoring courses.

You can also cross these streams as and when you want to diversify and extend your skill base.


Integrated training and assessment

We use a unique, robust and highly successful principle that integrates continual and discreet assessment within your training and learning opportunities during many courses.  This offers many benefits directly to you:

  • no need to return for a separate assessment course
  • our mechanisms are so discrete that you aren't even aware that you are being assessed most of the time
  • you have more opportunities to practice and refine your skills with the guidance of expert Trainers
  • course costs are minimised without hidden extras
  • you are qualified immediately (providing the course outcomes are met),  and can't end up in an unusable  middle ground of being trained but not qualified

Unique Trainer network and relationships

We have put together a specialist team of Trainers that has expertise in a wide range of fields and roles including heads of outdoor activity centres, activity delivery specialists, coaches and instructors with vast and unique experiences and remote emergency service providers.

We equally appreciate the skills and attributes of creativity (for example designers, engineers and educators) as well as more obscure roles (such as fine single malt whiskey distilling) that we have within our team of Trainers to help our course development, detailing and polishing. These individuals bring a huge variety of skills and experiences to facilitate the very best environments, delivery and service for your learning.

CTC Trainers are located across the UK (and Europe), meaning that we can find a Trainer not very far away from you.

CTC Trainers are employed by CTC.  They are not franchised or independent where they can change the course, or focus on what they want to rather than what the course needs and CTC requires.  This ensures that you receive a course that covers the same elements and uses the same principles, yet is shaped around your needs.  It also means that CTC Trainers are really engaged in helping you and supporting CTC ethical aims.

See more about CTC's Trainers.

CTC is a charitable organisation

CTC is a charity and a not-for-profit organisation.  Our courses are priced to cover the costs rather than to reap big profits.  Any money that is generated goes straight back into further course development and grass roots cycling. CTC are here to actively promote all forms of cycling.  That's got to be good.

We expect the same of ourselves as we look for in you

We use principles that work. Add up the years of experience of our tutors and course developers and we have centuries of collective experience in the outdoor, teaching and cycling sectors telling us this.  We use these principles, our courses demonstrate these, and we keep them simple so they remain core elements for you to use, whatever level you may be operating at.

Your course will use (and show you) exactly the same principles as you can then use afterwards.

We know these work for yourself; for you and your group; for you, your staff and your centre, school or work or for you and your multinational conglomerate.

How do we know this?  Because we have proved it in these environments for many years, both ourselves and working closely with our partners.

This means that reflecting good principles is even easier for you to embed during and following your CTC course.

Defined course outcomes - courses enable you to do what you actually need to do

As activity deliverers, educators and outdoor practitioners ourselves, we understand what you actually need to undertake your role.  CTC's course contents are focused on the requirements of your role. They don't include superfluous elements but they do include essential elements and principles that help you fulfil your role better.

Your ethical choice

So if all comes down to it, CTC should be your ethical choice.  CTC's core principles are to protect, provide and inspire cycling and mountain biking.  To summarise the areas that CTC works on to your benefit:

  • cost effective insurance with great coverage
  • a Campaigns team that works to improve cycling facilities, access and benefits for you, whether off-road or on
  • we have an extensive programme of community engagement
  • we work to engage sustainable transport principles
  • provide expert help and advice

Still need convincing?

If you remain unsure about what CTC would provide for you, or the route you need to take for your circumstances, give one of the Training team a call for more information on 0844 736 8463.

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