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Advanced Mountain Bike Leader

Advanced MTB Bike Leader Award
Encounter amazing environments with the Advanced Mountain Bike Leader Award
Leading MTB groups into high and remote areas is a significant undertaking. The consequences of things going wrong increase several-fold, and the knowledge and application of Cycling UK's best practice principles becomes critically important.
Key Content: 

CTC's Mountain Bike Leader courses from Young Leader, trail Leader, Technical Leader and Advanced Leader AwardsThe Advanced MTB Leader courses provide a significant up-shift in your hard skills: elements including night navigation, river crossings, mountain weather and emergency management all introduce additional factors and more depth of knowledge than that already gained through the Technical Leader course.

The Advanced MTB Leader Award is designed to exceed the requirements of Adventure Activities Licensing, and enables Leaders to manage groups in advanced terrain.

The Advanced MTB Leader Award is specific to the environment in which it is set. The Trail Leader and Technical Leader qualifications are more appropriate in lower and less severe environments, but there is only one course that is anything like the Advanced Leader - and that is the Advanced Leader course!

See more about how the Advanced Leader Award can take you and your groups further:


44 hours over four days for the training course, 34 hours over three days for the assessment.
Advanced terrain which means (in the UK) areas higher than 600m above sea level and/or further than 2.5km from a road or shelter with communication.
Seperate training and assessment courses, with a period of consolidation and logbook building between courses.

Course outcomes

Course outcomes: 

Those leading groups of mountain bikers (both adults and young people) in advanced terrain need the Advanced Leader Award. Physically reaching advanced terrain is not likely by novice groups, so the group members that Advanced Leaders take into these environments tend to have an amount of personal experience already, and you may well have worked with them previously.

The Advanced Leader course will suit those looking to take their groups and themselves into Advanced Terrain.  You might be working or volunteering under an Adventure Activities Licence, as a holiday or outdoor activity provider, or at a school or club.

The Advanced courses are are also attended by those looking to develop their own personal all-round skills in the mountain environment.

Note that many areas in Europe are well serviced by the Trail and Technical Leader Awards, even where they may be over 600m above sea level.  See our terrain definitions for clarification.


Please contact the Courses & Training Helpline to find out if this course is available for booking: 01483 238 337

What you need


Before attending the Advanced Leader training course you will:

  • Hold the Technical Leader Award (there may be exceptional circumstances where you have just completed the training element)
  • Have completed at least ten personal rides where 20% of the ride route includes advanced terrain.

Before attending the Advanced Leader assessment course, you will:

  • Hold the Technical Leader award
  • Have completed the Advanced Leader training course
  • Have completed a logbook of personal rides where 25 of those rides encountered advanced terrain for at least 20% of the route. These will be spread over 5 different areas.

What next?


Following the Advanced Leader course assessment, you may take up a MTB Skills Instructor Courses or, where moving to a different EU country, the International cultural module. It may also be possible to become an Instructor Trainer by taking the MTB Instructor Trainer Award.

You can also use many of the skills within the Advanced Leader qualification to support your experience in other outdoor activity qualifications.


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