General FAQ

General FAQ
General FAQ
Check this page first for the most commonly asked questions and answers - or give Training a call during office hours on 0844 736 8463.

Are CTC qualifications recognised?

Yes. All CTC qualifications are recognised and approved as fit for purpose by the UK's agency for quality outdoor activity provision, the Adventure Activities Licencing Service.

Will my old OTC qualification remain valid?

CTC qualifications are identical to OTC qualifications. In order for your qualification to remain valid, you will need to:

  • Maintain your logbook of led and personal rides to ensure you can prove continuous use
  • Keep an appropriate first aid certificate up to date
  • Keep updated on legal and ethical mountain bike leading requirements

One of the best ways of doing this is to move up a level in the scheme.

I'm a Road Cycle Instructor. Does this lead me into this scheme?

Your knowledge and experience will be very valid and useful, but you will still need to start at the Trail Leader Award as the contexts and expectations are very different. You will find you undertake different tasks in a different way to your Cycle Instructor course.

Can I enter the scheme higher up or do I need to go through all the courses?

Everyone over 18 should start at the Trail Leader Award, unless you fulfil the Fast Tracker course prerequistes. The Trail Leader contains fundamental elements vital to the provision of good mountain bike leading in any environment.

I am / I want to be a CTC Mountain Bike Skill Instructor. How does this scheme integrate?

The Technical Leader Award leads you to the Skill Instructor course. There are vital elements to the Leader Awards that will help you and your group wherever you leave a contained environment.

Where/when/how much are the courses?

Courses run all over the UK with a few in Europe too. See the calendar page for full details.

Do I have to join CTC for my qualification to remain valid?

No, but there are lots of other advantages to joining CTC.

Is CTC registered as a quality activity provider?

Yes CTC has its own activity licence under the Adventure Activities Licensing Scheme. The licence number is R1537.

How much experience do I need to log before going on to the next qualification level?

Your logbook should contain at least 12 personal rides and 6 led rides. We recommend a minimum of 20 outdoor leading experiences for your skills to start to embed. Download a CTC logbook.

When will the Skill Awards be available?

See the Go-MTB Awards section.

When will I be able to apply for a place on a course for next year?

We release the programme for next year in the autumn, usually around October. If you email us and request to be added to the email distribution list, we will also keep you up to date on imminent courses.

Which qualifications do I need to hold to go to the Fast Tracker course?

You will need to have completed a UK recognised mountain bike leader course from MIAS, SMBLA, OTC Technical Leader or CTC Technical Leader as well as having substantial mountain bike and leading experiences. See the Fast Tracker for more.

I attended a Technical Leader training course. Will the Technical Leader assessments continue?

Technical Leader assessments finished in November 2009. The quickest route for those who attended a CTC or an OTC Technical Leader training course in 2008 or earlier is to attend the Fast Tracker course.

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