Two cyclists riding on a path
Find out the answers and explain to your friends why cycling is great!

Ten common questions about cycling

Have you ever been put on the spot by someone who's not very sympathetic to cycling?
  • Do some people tell you that cycling’s far too dangerous to contemplate, and they can’t believe that more cyclists don’t wear helmets and hi-viz?
  • Do they accuse cyclists of causing havoc, riding on pavements, upsetting pedestrians and jumping red lights?
  • Do they say cyclists should stop slowing down traffic and remove themselves and their machines from the road forthwith? Either that, or pay ‘road tax’, be registered and licenced?
  • And do they say that cycling’s on the way out and there’s no point in trying to get people on their bikes anymore?

Want to know what to say? Our Ten Common Q&As about Cycling has the answers, with facts, figures and speedy arguments ...