Young Leaders focus on their communication skills
Young Leaders focus on their communication skills

Teenagers become trainers

Bike Club Scotland has developed a Package for 14-16yr olds to introduce them to the world of cycle leadership. 117 new leaders are now working with their club, group or school to help develop cycling as an activity for more young people to access.

There is no need for me to persuade most young people of the benefits of cycling. They are not interested in hearing the eco advantages – both pocket and emission, nor the difference it can make for congestion, long term health or the social impact. What it means to children and young people is fun and freedom!

Bike Club Scotland developed an introductory leadership package to give young people an insight to learning to be a role model and cycle promoter, a greater understanding of cycling, confidence to do their own basic mechanics and an opportunity to deliver cycling activities to their peers.

At the heart of the training is providing young people with an informal and fun platform (and sometimes a table top!) to develop. To allow them time to explore their own strengths, to work as a leader and of course to do all this on two wheels! Over the last few months Bike Club Scotland has trained 117 new young leaders in and around the Lothians, Fife and Falkirk area.

It is a privilege to be there to see the light bulb moments!

The course is delivered in one full day or two half days. During sessions, many young people go through a transition from being a participant to taking the lead. It is a privilege to be there to see the light bulb moments! One such example was a young lad who is a highly competent cyclist, and a highly vocal member of the group, ready to show me his amazing wheelies and half an hour tracks stands but faced with a group who are just happy to ride bikes ...I was interested to see how he would cope. Tasked with delivering a session on ‘Bunny Hops’ he set about assuming that everyone knew the terminology, what a bunny hop should look like and were able to do front wheel lifts already. If none of these words make any sense to you, you’re in the same field as his group. I didn’t want to watch him fail but it was important for him to work through the process and experience the difficulties himself. After 5 minutes of mild frustration at his group, who had by this point distanced themselves from the task, the light bulb went on! He approached me stating “it’s really hard to teach people...I think I just wanted to show off my skills but it’s hard to explain them to other people ”. This unique moment is the essence of the project, to take young people on a journey of self-discovery. Bike Club Scotland is working with a variety of groups, schools and clubs to help develop cycling as an activity they offer. This course is part of a number of services offered to allow groups to maximise volunteering and leadership roles for young people and adult workers