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Shopping by bike - it's easier than you might think

Shopping by Bike - the results

As part of Cycling UK's involvement in the EU funded CycleLogistics project, we recently ran the first of two Shop by Bike trials. This is a summary of the findings, with a link to the full report should you wish to read it all.

Firstly, a massive thanks to all who took part.  The involvement of the willing (and hardy) volunteers meant the trial was a great success. It has provided us with some really interesting information - inevitably, some of it was negative, but there was also a tremendous amount of positive feedback as well.

You can read  full version of the report, but for those with limited time below is a summary of the results.

  • A total of 77 people completed the trial and returned a questionnaire
  • In roughly 4 weeks, they travelled a total of 5,973 kilometres, saved 402 kilos of fuel, and prevented over a tonne of carbon dioxide emissions (the equivalent of 4 cars!)
  • The vast majority of people said they had enjoyed the experience, and only 1 person said they were unlikely to continue
  • The facilities offered for cyclists and their bikes were varied, and there was a also a lack of consistency displayed by the national chains (Cycling UK will highlight this to the stores involved)
  • Most people used panniers for their shopping, or a combination of things including panniers.  Roughly two-thirds of participants found this sufficient for all their shopping
  • People transported all sorts of things during the trial, not just shopping - from musical instruments, to televisions!
  • Using the questionnaires, we tried to approximate what impact the 77 people involved in trial might have in the future, and this was estimated at a further 40,000+ kilometres per year

There were many positive comments about the trial and, if you can, please take time to read the full report.

What is most interesting from this trial is that the savings quoted above are the product of just 77 people's efforts during what was a very rainy autumn. Projects such as CycleLogistics are trying to help create a culture where moving ourselves around in a sustainable manner is more commonplace. The effect this will have on our towns and cities will benefit everyone.

The CycleLogistics project is funded by the EU's Intelligent Energy Europe programme which aims to promote energy efficiency and a more rational use of resources.

To find out more, please email Gavin Wood