Dads and kids on their bikes
Dadly Does It out on their bikes

Dedicated Dads deliver an impressive summer of cycling in Salford

Cycling UK is celebrating the efforts of local social business, Unlimited Potential, as it inspires local dads and their children to get on their bikes during Bike Week (10-18 June 2017)

The Salford-based social enterprise, which specialises in social innovation for happiness, runs Dadly Does It a cycling group in Winton, near Eccles. It has been supporting dads and their children get back on their bikes and discover cycling in the local area as part of Cycling UK's nationwide campaign, The Big Bike Revival.

Chris Dabbs from Unlimited Potential explains: “Dadly Does It came about through an innovative project we developed, looking at how we could help a significant number of children in communities who might not achieve good health and wellbeing.

“It was clear that a fundamental asset not being connected was their fathers, so we identified practical pursuits that would engage local dads and provide them with an activity they could share with their kids. It made sense that if we improved the father’s wellbeing, this should in turn have a positive impact on their children’s wellbeing.”

Cycling has played a significant role in the formulation of Dadly Does It, primarily driven by the dads themselves.

“We have a saying ‘working shoulder to shoulder’ rather than ‘face to face’, as we find dads are much more likely to take part in practical activities and open up about their experiences than sitting down to talk. Cycling was an ideal fit as not only are they physically ‘shoulder to shoulder’ on their bikes, but the social nature means they can also talk frankly and share their experiences with other dads on the rides.”

Chris, Dadly Does It


Fathers who have taken part in the Dadly Does It project have reported a greater sense of positive identity, increased social connection and have even explored or moved into meaningful employment. It has also had a very positive affect on their children’s wellbeing too.

Dadly Does It continues to go from strength to strength and have welcomed many new local residents through their events. Chris said: “For us, it’s not about telling dads what to do. It’s about providing support and resources so that dads can help themselves and each other, creating a cycling community where they can learn off each other. We have a number of parents who initially came and took part in our Dadly Does It rides who are now volunteering to attract other families and dads into the project. Holding events as part of The Big Bike Revival helps us engage even more families.”

To find out more about Dadly Does It, visit their Facebook page To find out what’s happening in your local area for the last few days of Bike Week, simply tap in your postcode at