Cyclists riding through a park in central Manchester
Cyclists riding through a park in central Manchester

Cycling UK supports Greater Manchester Cycle Commuter Project

Seamus Kelly, Cycling Development Officer, is working with TFGM's cycling team to support business engagement and community development programmes.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TFGM) established a cycling team as part of their ambitious Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) programme.

The cycling elements of the programme include hard measures, such as secure parking facilities at purpose-built cycling hubs and cycle storage grants to businesses, and soft measures such as cycle training, events, group rides and try-a-bike sessions. 

The cycling team concentrates mainly on engaging with businesses throughout Greater Manchester and will also develop more cycling at a community level.

Seamus Kelly, Cycling UK Cycling Development Officer is working with the cycling team to support their business and community engagement processes.

Although most people are now aware of the personal benefits of cycling, the benefits to businesses are less well known. Business benefits from more staff cycling include;

  • Staff who cycle frequently are healthier and have lower absence rates
  • Staff who cycle to work have better punctuality
  • Staff who cycle to work are more engaged leading to increased productivity
  • Staff who cycle frequently have reduced stress levels
  • Car parking and transport costs for the business can be reduced by more people cycling
  • Reduced congestion offers substantial savings in logistics
  • Cycling helps business reduce their carbon emissions

Cycling UK are pleased to bring the expertise gained through Workplace Challenge and Cycle Champions to support TFGM's programme to benefit businesses and individuals across Greater Manchester.

For more, visit  TFGM, or contact Seamus Kelly