Participants organising a hypothetical cycle ride

Cycling UK delivers a Ride Managers' Course in Reading to the Public Sector

Cycling UK has developed a course for people looking to organise their own cycle rides in their sectors of work. This is a report of the course we delivered in Reading.

This course was delivered to people who work in the public sectors in Reading.

It was designed to give the participants the skills needed to organise and run group cycle rides in their given sector of work, ensuring that they have the capability to go out and lead their own rides safely, with confidence and knowledge.

The skills taught include:

  • The organisation of cycle rides, e.g.gathering consent forms, choosing destinations;
  • Learning and practising road positions, including 'snaking';
  • How to keep the riders as safe as possible;
  • Risk assessing (dynamic and static).

The course was delivered by two instructors over two days. 


Doug, an already keen cyclist and volunteer with the community mental health team, said that "it sharpened my knowledge" and that it was "informative, fun and hard work!" He now aims to give vulnerable adults the opportunity to take part in different activities, including cycling.

Paula, a teaching assistant from St. Mary's told us how she was going to use the skills used on the course, happy that she now knows "how to teach the children how to be safe when they’re on their bikes and hopefully get them to encourage riding with their own parents.”

To see more, view the attached snapshots taken by the participants themselves.

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