Jane Noble, the Chichester Workplace Challenge winner, with her new bike
Jane Noble, the Chichester Workplace Challenge winner, with her new bike

Chichester Workplace Cycle Challenge - successfully getting more people on bikes

A county council employee and the managing director of a local business talk about their experiences of the Chichester Workplace Cycle Challenge

Jane Noble – West Sussex County Council - Winner of a new Specialized Cross Trail

Jane used to enjoy the occasional commute into work by bike, but this activity was curtailed following the loss or theft of her trusty steed. The challenge has been a catalyst in motivating Jane to cycle the nine miles to work again on an older bike than the one she owned, so she began contemplating buying a new one. Winning the new bike is a real windfall and will help Jane to satisfy her desire to ride to work again more frequently.

Jane says: “I can’t believe that I won the bike! Lots of my colleagues urged me to take part in the challenge and I thought it was a great idea. I am usually part of a car share scheme, but I plan to continue cycling into work when I can as I feel more energized, especially now that I have a new bike.”

Dawn Lawrence – Q Hair & Beauty, Managing Director 

Throughout 2010, Q Hair have been focusing on health and wellbeing, promoting the benefits of active living. Staff are enjoying a healthier lifestyle that in turn generates a fitter workforce and a happier workplace. The challenge represents a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy a cycle ride either to work or for fun, either-would be beneficial.

A computer was made available for the staff so they could register and log their rides. The staff have enjoyed cycling so much that they are planning a social bike ride and maybe a picnic next month.

Dawn says: “I do try and promote a healthy lifestyle among my staff. I think the Challenge was a great idea and I urged all my staff to sign up. It was great that a third of our participants were new to cycling, encouraged to ride by their colleagues.

Personally I am hooked and I’ll definitely carry on cycling now that it has finished. Cycling is a great way to get fit and I will be cycling into work when I can. and cycling for fitness as much as possible. I have even put my gym membership on hold for three months because I intend cycling in the evenings. It’s just great exercising outdoors and you get to see the local area too."