Cycling UK Case Studies

1 August 2012 - 4:18pm
Dawson Bike Club
cyclist with trailer
Dawson Centre Bike Club in Central Scotland is encouraging families who live in Falkirk to cycle more and learn how to fix up bikes.
15 May 2012 - 12:12pm
Is there a Workplace Cycle Challenge near you?
Man City boss Roberto Mancini takes part in the Workplace Cycle Challenge
There are new challenges in Manchester, York, Chichester, Reading, Hertfordshire, the Isle of Wight and Leicestershire.
8 May 2012 - 12:25pm
A Cycling UK local campaigner reactivates Crawley cycle forum
Campaigner Peter Smith leads the Crawley Family Bike ride
How do you revive your local cycle forum? Peter Smith in Crawley did just that.
3 May 2012 - 4:54pm
Cycling UK local campaigner gets a newspaper on-side
Cycling in Guildford
What should you do if your local newspaper publishes an anti-cycling article?
2 May 2012 - 5:37pm
Nigel Mansell meets Camden all ability cyclists
Nigel Mansell presents certificates to The Camden Society Bike Club Members
Former World Champion racing driver Nigel Mansell recently presented Bike Club certificates to Andrew Omoding and Fatima, both members of The Camden Society Bike Club for All Abilities.
2 May 2012 - 2:25pm
The Horndean to Havant Cycle Route
Horndean to Havant Cycle Route
How did Cycling UK campaigners in Hampshire work together to create a new cycle route between Horndean and Havant town centre?
26 April 2012 - 1:00pm
A statistical look at the success of Swindon's Workplace Cycle Challenge
Cycling UK and Challenge for Change logo
Find out what effect the second Workplace Cycle Challenge had on the number of people cycling in Swindon.
25 April 2012 - 12:53am
Young people get their hands dirty at Pages Park Youth Scheme
Pages Park Youth Scheme
Pages Park Youth Scheme is run every week in Leighton Buzzard. Discover how volunteers are providing activities for young people.
24 April 2012 - 6:25pm
Chichester Workplace Cycle Challenge - successfully getting more people on bikes
Jane Noble, the Chichester Workplace Challenge winner, with her new bike
A county council employee and the managing director of a local business talk about their experiences of the Chichester Workplace Cycle Challenge
22 April 2012 - 8:54pm
Merthyr Tydfil Bike Club
Merthyr Tydfil Bike Club
A Transition Bike Club project has been established in Merthyr Tydfil engaging five primary schools as a 'stepping stone' to fully-fledged bike clubs in High School.
16 April 2012 - 12:43pm
Cycling for autistic young people at Alice Holt Forest
A group of young people on the autistic spectrum get so much out of the cycling at Alice Holt Forest. Although many can't speak, you don't have to guess what cycling means to them, their faces say it all!
11 April 2012 - 4:59pm
Cycle Swap - cab and bus drivers get lessons in cycling in Reading
Inspired by the phrase 'putting the shoe on the other foot', Cycling UK Cycling Devleopment Officer Javed Saddique is planning to deliver cycle training to professional drivers in Reading in an effort to get them to understand how road conditions affect cyclists.
10 April 2012 - 4:49pm
Workplace Cycle Challenge Case Studies
Milton Keynes Workplace Challenge Participants
Over the last three years we have run 28 Workplace Cycle Challenges, engaging more than 47,000 people and 2,600 organisations
5 April 2012 - 3:17pm
Swindon's Over 50s training gets adults riding
Giving people in Swindon who never learned to cycle as children the chance to get pedalling
5 October 2011 - 12:55am
Deaf children in Derby learn to cycle
Deaf children in Derby learn to cycle
Deaf and hard of hearing children from all over Derbyshire have had the opportunity to cycle as part of this year's Royal School for the Deaf Summer play scheme.
3 October 2011 - 12:13pm
Singing and cycling go together in Leicester
Emmanu-EL Apostolic Gospel Choir
One group in Leicester found cycling provided a way out of poverty related problems and helped them integrate more with their community.
1 October 2011 - 6:58am
It's never too late to start cycling in Swindon!
Up ‘n’ Cycling in Swindon
Older residents of Swindon find it’s never too late to start cycling.
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