The Lord Mayor of Sheffield tries out an adapted cycle
The Lord Mayor of Sheffield tries out an adapted cycle

Lording it up in Sheffield at the Disability Games

The annual Duke of Edinburgh Disability Games are held at the Institute of Sport in Sheffield, using the same multi-use indoor track that Olympic hopeful Jessica Ennis uses for training. CTC Cycling Development Officer Steve Marsden describes this year's event.

The day was grey and looking like we were in for another wet one. it was my first day back and i was looking forward to the Disability Games. We have been involved with the games for the past 3 years and it has always been sunny and dry.

Children come from all over the Yorkshire and Humberside region and it is always very well attended. The participants do a variety of different sports including bocha, javelin, archery and, of course, cycling.

A selection of trained volunteers and cycle instructors who have been supporting the Disability Cycling Project in Sheffield over the past few years are always happy to be involved. As we arrived and just managed to set up, the participants began to pour out of the stadium and into their allotted activities.

We have always had to cone off a section of the car park, which has never been ideal, but as long as its safe and the children had a good time we are happy to make it work.

As the children started to ride around the course laughing with excitement , the sun started to shine. The children came in groups of about 12 and took turns in riding the different bikes that suited their individual needs.

We try and get everybody to have a go on so when the Lord Mayor of Sheffield John Campbell came over to have a look at the bikes, I explained to him what CTC does and,  with a little encouragement from his peers, he was taken round by one of the participants on an adapted bike - he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Around 50 children used the bikes and everybody had a fantastic time. They finished the day with a walk round the track with banners and flags flying, whistles blowing and lots of smiles on everybody's face - and not a dry eye in the place!

We loaded the bikes up and drove off into the sunset - yes, it was still sunny!

Neil Forrest, the director of the Yorkshire and Humber Duke of Edinburgh said:

Many thanks to you and the team for supporting the Disability Games. The feedback I received from the participants was really positive, everyone of them having had a fun and energetic time with you. Please pass on my best wishes to everyone involved for providing such a positive activity”.



A great day was had by all.

And a big thank you to all the team for the day from me, too!

Steve Marsden
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