Essex Police modelling their new Smith and Wesson
Essex Police modelling their new Smith and Wesson

Essex Police call CTC’s cycling officer in for questioning

Essex Police called unexpectedly on me this week. Thinking that they must have taken a dislike to my rather shall we say assertive style of cycling to all my meetings and activities, I awaited in trepidation for the expected words of advice.

Thankfully, Sergeant Ian Banks was proactively looking for CTC to complement an Essex Police Road Safety Day of Action on 29th November.

So, CTC and Essex Police will be at Colchester Railway Station, extolling the virtues of being seen and keeping the bike in trim over the winter months.

The meeting proved a great opportunity to discuss other initiatives and we found common ground in wanting to encourage best practice and using discretion to deal with some infringements, the most common being people cycling on pavements alongside the notorious Ipswich Road, where the cycle path comes to an abrupt end, while acting consistently to deal with more reckless and dangerous infringements by all road users.

The officer was definitely interested in the CTC idea that rather than simply fining people who infringe cycling rules, we could offer a suitable cycle awareness course. I’ve never met anybody who hasn’t found a road cycle training session of benefit, however experienced they were.

There’s a great video clip, my week as a cyclist, of someone who was challenged to cycle for a week and his changed perspective on cycling to work.

If you have any ideas on how CTC should be helping Essex Police with their enquiries, do contact me on my usual email.

Richard Monk