Don’t stop me now … 90-year-old Ted Little still enjoys a 50 mile cycle every week!

Ted Little, who is due to turn 90, on Sunday 16 July, has enjoyed a lifetime of cycling, and still attends his local club, where he cycles an impressive 50 miles a week. The Solihull based cyclist and veteran has been a member of Cycling UK for over 49 years and a member of his local cycling group ‘Shirley Roads Club’ since the 1950’s

Roger who runs the club and has known Ted for many years said:

“He’s unstoppable, he still cycles 50 miles a week when we go out on our group rides. He’s slowed down a little on the inclines but really is an impressive guy. In the 1970’s or maybe the late 1960’s he held a veteran world record for cycling 50 miles on Tricycle.”

As well as cycling with the group Ted is also a member of the Tricycle Association, where he regularly attends and rides his tricycle. Despite having an illness which he’s now recovered from, Ted has never stopped riding. When he was younger he used to do a lot of racing – right into his 70’s.

Cycling is a passion that he shared with his wife and the pair often went out on long rides together. On their wedding day, they went down the aisle with bikes overhead. 

Roger continued: “He’s always loved cycling. It’s the only sport he’s ever done. When his wife was younger they used to do it together all the time.”

Hero cyclist Ted is a real inspiration to us all to never stop cycling and we wish him a very happy 90th birthday!