Front cover of the Space for Cycling guide
Front cover of the Space for Cycling guide

Space for Cycling guide sets out what Councillors need to do

To help explain what Space for Cycling means in practice, CTC, with help from our campaign group partners, has produced this guide for local decision makers.

We've tried to make the guide as simple as possible, using photos, including the lovely image of one of LCC's Space for Cycling rides last year, taken by Jim Killock.

The guide features photos of good practice from Bristol, Exeter, Brighton and other places, including, of course the Netherlands.

We've also maintained the emphasis that Space for Cycling means high quality routes, not just pavements converted to shared use.

Several of the schemes pictured are examples of the latest thinking in good cycle infrastructure design, including the Old Shoreham Way route in Brighton and the Royal College Street cycle lanes in Camden.

The guide also gives details on where funding can come from and the ambitions for securing substantially more funding from central Government in the future.

Where does the campaign come from?

The Space for Cycling campaign was originally created by the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). LCC's campaign in London is focussed on lobbying candidates in this year’s London borough elections.

CTC is taking LCC’s London-born campaign nationwide, working together with the Cyclenation federation of local campaign groups, with generous funding from the cycle industry's 'Bike Hub' levy, run by the Bicycle Association. Read more about the background to the Space for Cycling campaign.

You can download a copy of the guide here, and write to your Councillors in just two minutes using CTC's suggested letter.

Chris Peck