12 September 2017 - 1:15pm
How to survive riding in the rain
Cyclists in the rain
Do you dread the weather forecast? Are you a fairweather cyclist, only venturing out if the sky is cloud free with a gentle breeze blowing? Is the car or bus your preferred choice when rain threatens? Read Cycling UK's guide to cycling in the rain and it might just change your mind.
23 August 2017 - 11:17am
Lyme disease - what you need to know
Mountain Biker in woodlands Flickr CC, Grant Doig
Lyme Disease, you may have heard of it, but what do you know of it? Is it relevant to cyclists? “Yes, most definitely.” as Cycling UK is told by Lyme Disease Action (LDA), the national charity set up to provide accurate information about ticks and Lyme disease.
10 August 2017 - 5:28pm
This Hill is Dangerous! A History of Cycling UK's Danger and Caution Boards
Joseph Pennell Highwheel Danger Board from G Lacy Hillier Cycling 1887
Cycling UK historian Sheila Hanlon takes a look at Cycling UK’s involvement in the introduction of ‘Danger’ and ‘Caution’ signs to roads in the late 1800s.
5 August 2017 - 10:49am
Happy Birthday Cycling UK: Celebrating 139 years of cycling history
Cyclists' Touring Club in history books
On the anniversary of the first meeting in August 1878, Cycling UK's historian Sheila Hanlon looks back at the early history of 'The Bicycle Touring Club' and explains how it became Cycling UK.
3 August 2017 - 2:52pm
What to eat when you are cycling
Claire Lloyd Team GB Triathlete
Cycling is a fickle thing, some days you can cycle for hours and feel that you could stay in the saddle forever. Other days you get to the 20 mile mark, have no energy left at all and 'bonk'! Ultimately, your body will never perform optimally if there’s nothing there to fuel whatever exercise you plan on doing. Triathlete Claire Lloyd gives her advice on what to eat and drink when you are cycling.
25 July 2017 - 1:42pm
100 Women in Cycling list 81-100
Tracy Moseley
Our final selection of women who inspire other women to cycle includes names from the world of cycle touring, downhill and enduro racing, several Member Group Secretaries, academics and many others, all equally noteworthy for their achievements in promoting female cycling.
21 July 2017 - 10:18am
100 Women in Cycling - Numbers 61-80
Here are more inspirational women who have made a real difference through their enthusiasm and commitment to encouraging other women to enjoy the life-enhancing activity of cycling. In no particular order, below are numbers 61 to 80 on our list of 100 Women in Cycling.
19 July 2017 - 12:30pm
Would you ride London - Edinburgh - London?
Elan valley - Olaf Storbeck
Very long distance cycling isn’t for everyone, but it seems that once you try an audax there’s no turning back. As London Edinburgh London is on this weekend we asked a number of Cycling UK members why they’re getting involved in the epic 870 mile ride.
18 July 2017 - 5:48pm
DJ Dixon shares her passion for cycling around Birmingham
Lorraine Dixon is cyclist, ride leader, pastor, DJ and teacher in Birmingham
As part of our Women's Festival of Cycling, we're celebrating the efforts of female cyclist Lorraine Dixon, as she inspires women in Birmingham to get out and discover cycling.
13 July 2017 - 1:44pm
100 Women in Cycling - Numbers 41-60
Viv Mackay - former Chair of Cycling UK Southampton Member Group
Our series of inspirational women in cycling continues, in no particular order, with a look at people from a wide range of backgrounds and cycling experience who encourage and promote other women to cycle, including campaigners, a bike mechanic, a bike shop owner, local ride leaders and group founders plus many more.
11 July 2017 - 11:41am
Tour leader course: Get paid to ride your bike
Two people map reading
Have you ever considered how you could convert your passion into a means of making money? If the answer's "yes" and your passion is cycling then Cycling UK's Tour Leader course could be just the one for you. We sent keen cyclist Patrick Trainor on one of our courses to find out more...
4 July 2017 - 2:49pm
100 Women in Cycling - Numbers 21-40
Our selection of 100 Women in Cycling continues with the profiles of more amazing women (in no particular order) who have had an impact on the world of cycling, whether nationally as campaigners, sportswomen and journalists, or locally as hard-working ride leaders, cycle instructors and community club and local group volunteers.
23 June 2017 - 3:08pm
'We ride, so they can ride' Help Cycling UK provide the joy of cycling to people with disabilities
We ride, so they can ride. We need your help for Team ‘We Ride So They Can Ride’ to reach their target and provide vital support to cyclists with disabilities across the country. Please donate today by TEXTING TCUK17 £5 to 70070.
20 June 2017 - 4:09pm
Do women need women's specific design bikes?
Liz Colebrook
Framebuilder, bespoke bike maker, bike mechanic and occupational therapist Liz Colebrook explains the perfect bike fit for female cyclists and looks at the popularity of off the peg Women's Specific Design (WSD) bikes.
6 June 2017 - 5:05pm
100 Women in Cycling - Numbers 1 to 20
Cycling UK's Women's Festival of Cycling takes place in July 2017 and our 100 Women in Cycling list 2017 celebrates women who empower, enable and inspire other women to cycle. Selected by our staff, board members and supporters as great examples, these inspirational women come from all walks of life, ranging from long-term campaigners to sporting role models to those who've only recently developed a passion for cycling.
23 May 2017 - 12:48pm
What’s legal - and what’s not - on your bike?
Road cyclists riding side by side
Riding two abreast, in the middle of the lane, with or without lights, reflectors and hi-viz - what does the law say, what does the Highway Code advise, and what are just urban myths? Cycling UK's Senior Road Safety and Legal Campaigner Duncan Dollimore explains what's legal on your bike.
18 May 2017 - 4:14pm
How to encourage your family and friends to start cycling
Cyclists on a cycle route
You love your family and friends but you also love cycling. Is there any way you can get them to share your passion so you can cycle together? Cycling UK's Julie Rand explains the ways you can encourage your nearest and dearest to start cycling with you.
9 May 2017 - 5:11pm
A guide to clipless pedals and cleats
One pair each of two-bolt and three-bolt-system SPD shoes, with the pedals they
If you’re using standard pedals, or traditional toeclips, then switching to clipless pedals could make it a lot less effort. Cycling journalists Rob Ainsley and Simon Howarth explain why you might want to choose clip-in pedals and cleats.
13 April 2017 - 4:39pm
Easter eggs, cycling and burning calories
Hot Cross Buns by Gerry Knight
Cycling is great exercise and an excellent way to burn off any extra calories you may consume over the Easter weekend. But how long will you have to cycle for? Take a look at our handy guide to cycling off your Easter treats.
10 March 2017 - 1:20pm
Greater Manchester needs a "world class transport system" says Conservative candidate
Sean Anstee, the Conservative candidate running for mayor of Greater Manchester, tells us his plans for cycling should he be elected on 4 May.
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