Travelling Light

It’s very easy to take more than you need by bike. Chris Juden looks at how and why to travel with less.

On a cycling holiday less really is more. Not because you can ride more miles in a day (although you can) but because the less you carry the easier the cycling becomes, allowing more time and attention to be given to what you’ve come this way to see.

Have we lost the art of travelling light? Old CTC Gazettes show riders touring with no more than a saddlebag, whereas the modern tourist is likely to have four bulging panniers or even a trailer! I’m as guilty as the next man of excess cycling baggage, but we’ve had loads of great tips from CTC members, many of which I’ve incorporated into this article – with the rest on our website. I’m pleased to find we still know how to travel light at CTC!

To read Chris' tips for travelling light, please click on the PDF below.